Wednesday, January 14, 2009

settling in for the long haul

With the economy really tanking, jparks and I have come to the realization that our quaint little townhouse might be our home for a bit longer than planned. The revelation that this house will not just be a short step on our plan to total house domination (I want a yaaaaarrrrrd) has sent jparks into a frenzy of "OMG, must accomplish every little home improvement we have ever talked about doing, even if it was only mentioned in a fleeting off-handed manner!" While I, on the other hand, decided that maybe it is time to find something to hang in the living room about the couch. (seriously, we have a massive wall there and it is blank. Well almost blank, since two speakers hang from it. When I get home I'll take a picture so you can stop trying to imagine the riveting imagine that is a blank wall)

Some of jparks' home improvements I've been on board for, see the new mattress and fridge, but others I'm just letting him do because trying to stop him would be impossible. Actually it would be possible, but the whining I would have to endure would kill me, for he is truly a champion whiner. Ask Whitney, she's seen it first hand and has witnessed me cave to his whines for vanillaaaaa puuuuuudding when I just finished making chocolate pudding.

His first big project is to have a rather large entertainment center/bookshelf/shelving/drawer/storage unit custom built for our bedroom. Let all of those words sink in and imagine just how much that is costing us. We've had a woman from the company that is building the monstrous piece of furniture over twice now to discuss options and to hand over all the money we have and an IOU for all the money we will make in the future. They are coming in two weeks to remeasure the space and then in February the thing will be constructed in my home, because once complete it is too big to move. Yeah, too big to move. But good news! I get to supply my own knobs and handles for the drawers and cabinets, so that's fun, right?

After this he plans on lowering some built in desks, having two sets of stairs changed from carpet to hard wood (the stair guy only puts the wood in, jparks will have to varnish it himself), and some other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting that he will remind me about as soon as he reads this. My contribution to the house, besides deciding that the living room needs art but not actually shopping for it, was that I decided to buy this for the bathroom counter (sans monogram):

Picture 1

Except it is now unavailable on pbteen because I procrastinated and when it went on clearance all the other 14 year olds beat me to it. Those little bitches. Anyone know of something similar that I can buy? Because if jparks gets his wall sized shelving unit, I think I deserve my little counter sized one.


  1. I must admit that I'm also having the same "I must fix everything" bug. I recently realized that this house will be our home for a while and decided that the kitchen simply wont do. So we are now figuring out which walls to knock down, and what to make the counter top out of.

    About your counter top organizer... I say make jparks build it for you :)

  2. It seems like the custom unit people should be able to make you one of those makeup brush holder thingys (and they won't even have to construct it on site!) Good luck with the renovations.

  3. Indeed, I did witness the vanilla pudding whine first hand. I think we even had to go to the store to buy the damn pudding. THAT'S HOW BAD THE WHINING WAS.

  4. stoopid economy... I've given in to the thought that his house might be home for a while, so uhm, can your custom builder people, custom build a bedroom that can just hang out of our house?

  5. Re: lowering desks - what if the next owners are taller than jparks? wouldn't it be easier to just buy a footstool to go w/ a higher chair? or is that just too crazy of an idea? good luck to you!