Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sniff her butt!

I was a little worried that with getting laid off I would have nothing to blog about except for things along the lines of "omg, today's Golden Girls episode was amazing!" or "big day today, I did laundry!" But have no fear, I'm on day 3 of unemployment and I have not only content to present you with, but it's real live video content.

We sent Lily to the vet yesterday for a painfully expensive dental cleaning where they had to sedate her. I guess at some point she pooped on herself at the vet's and they didn't clean her off too well. Jparks really wanted me to bath her but I played the "how will you be able to bath a baby if you can't bath a dog" card and forced him to do it.

First we have Lily swimming while jparks gives her a blow out:

When he was done with the blow out, he sniffed her butt. Of course the camera was off then and when I turned it back on he refused to repeat the sniffing. I really have no idea why he would refuse to sniff the dog's butt on camera when he knows I'm going to post it here. So here's me begging him to sniff her butt:

Aren't you all psyched to see what unemployment brings to my blog next?


  1. Heh I love the air swim... and perhaps we hold Chachi over a tub of water to watch it do that. hehe hehe...

  2. Nathan never bathed either of our kids until they were at least 6 months old, which was odd because he participated in every other aspect of child care.

  3. I love the air swimming!

    My unemployment wasn't NEARLY this exciting!

  4. OMG, I LOVE Lily! That is hilarious!

    Also, you missing J's butt-sniffing exploits are kind of like how I went to the Georgia Aquarium, was filming the belugas, then shut it off just BEFORE the beluga flashed me its mammoth-sized willy. Like you, I tried to get the subject of interest to repeat his exploits, but alas, he wasn't having any of it.

  5. Good training :-) Especially if Lily is squirmy and slippery.

  6. Oh, and there will be lots of butt sniffing in Jason's future. Whenever Adam would see a parent lift their kid up to smell their diaper, he would grimace and make an exclamation that he wouldn't be doing that. I've seen him do that at least twice in the last week with Athena.