Monday, January 5, 2009

when he wore the sequined tux jacket, I died of happiness

Friday of last week was supposed to be my first day back at work but my boss noticed that we were the only people on the face of the earth working (besides Kristabella) and let me go home right before lunchtime. So today I'm back in the saddle for my first full day of work since Dec 23. I've got to say that while I don't get nearly enough vacation days per year, having the stretch of time from Christmas Eve to New Year's off is a pretty sweet deal.

Since I haven't been working, I've been spending my days lounging on my couch and watching the Food Network for hours and hours. (Sandra Lee, I hate you with a burning degree of hatred I never knew existed. Fuck you and your tablescapes) This has led me to much confusion about what the date is and exactly how far into January we are. I'm one of those people with a January birthday, but unlike those poor people that have very early January birthdays and only get one set of gifts, my birthday is just far enough in to allow the holiday rush to simmer down and if someone were to try and tell me that my Christmas gift was also my birthday gift, well, they would just look like a douche face (new favorite insult. Have called jparks a douche face at least 40 times so far this year) ((also, I only expect birthday gifts from my mom and jparks. This post is not a hint to you. Unless you want to buy me a gift. In which case, might I show you my amazon wishlist?)) Anyway, the point of all that rambling is that my birthday is this Sunday! Holy crap, who's excited? Me, I am!

But this post has gone off on a major tangent because it was not started so that I could point out that my birthday is Sunday. No, it was started to point out that tonight Gossip Girl comes back! Now I know Chuck Bass is not everyone's cup of tea, but gaw, do I ever love him. And tonight we get to see Chuck Bass possibly, maybe, nearly fall off a roof. Also, possibly, maybe in an opium den having sex with a modern geisha. Oh, the anticipation is killing me.

I know I'm not the only person excited that Gossip Girl is coming back tonight. In fact, I know ML has my back on the idea that Chuck Bass is awesome but surely we can't be the only two. Are you a Gossip Girl junkie? Do you love Dorota? Do you hate Vanessa? Did you cry when Chuck showed up at Blair's house in that last episode and they spooned in bed with Chuck being the little spoon? Because I know I can't be the only one.

xoxo, regan


  1. Cocktail time!

    I happen to think that Sandra Lee is a closet raging alcoholic.

    And, I love Dorota.

  2. No, Chuck isn't my cup of tea...but Nate is! LOVE this season (wasn't a fan of Season 1 so much, but so glad I stuck it out!)!

  3. i'm chuck bass.

    actually i'm a dan humphry kinda gal. crazy huh?

  4. i'm totally a Nate girl...but Chuck Bass can certainly make me swoon too.

    also...chuck as little spoon? AWESOME

  5. I love Chuck, but what is up with the Chuck Bass as Edward Cullen look going on?

    I'm probably more of a Dan Hunphrey kind of girl, but hope that Blair and Chuck just stay together.

    And also, Uncle Jack is a tool.

  6. or halfway. Whatever your spelling choice.

  7. Mine is on Friday and I wish we could celebrate together with much cake, wine and mocking of those around us. Someday. We'll meet halway in Berkeley or something.

  8. God that had me laughing outloud! I also hate Sandra Lee (You just CANNOT add freakin extract to cool whip and tell me that my guests will think it is homemade whipped cream. Thank you but my palate is slightly more discerning than that, you raging alki, and will assume the same for my guests!)

    Also -- who doesn't love Chuck? Love. Love. Love.

  9. You know I love me some Chuck. I'm even starting to like Blair since she told those snotty women to take their social climbing cattiness out the door. ;)