Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love jparks despite the fact...

  • that he's not a Beatles fan (although he did not complain once when Sir Paul played on the Grammy's tonight. I think that's called personal growth.)

  • that he has an opinion about what every person at the Grammy's is wearing. A strong opinion.

  • that he's bringing more clothes to Austin than I am.

  • that he forbid me from going to see our friend's new baby while he's out of town because "I'm the one with baby fever! You don't even like babies!"

  • that he has to google every person that wins a Grammy because he's never heard of them. cough coughsomeone is getting old and unhipcough cough

  • except for Miley Cyrus, who he knew right away.

  • because jparks is nothing if not a 12 year old girl


    1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. JParks and I would so get along.

      During the Super Bowl, I was all, "WHY are they having Bruce Springstreen and his old balls playing at the Super Bowl??? Why don't they get someone hip and current Cyrus? Or the Jonas Brothers?" Because I didn't know a single other "hip and current" act to name. Though Miley ruined Taylor Swift's song tonight.

      And how could you NOT comment on the atrocities that people wore to the Grammys. Award shows are like Halloween gone way wrong.

    2. When and for what are you coming to Austin? :)

    3. okay...admission: i fucking LOVE the Beatles...but i kind of want to stab Paul McCartney in the eye.

    4. I love The Beatles. They have a whole class on it at Arizona State. But my pot-head neighbors are starting to ruin them for me by playing Beatles songs LOUDLY until the wee hours of the morning.

      I didn't even know the Grammy's were on last night. I was watching Rock of Love Bus.