Tuesday, February 10, 2009

let my dreams be mellow tonight

Jparks left for Austin yesterday (yes he's there longer than I am, but for the days when we are both there, he packed more clothes) and that means that I'm living the bachelorette life until Thursday when I depart for Austin too. I don't know what that means for other people, but for me it's watching the crappiest tv shows I tivo without anyone complaining about how bad they are.

Last night I was in the middle of my crappy tv marathon when I passed out on the couch. And, proving that I need jparks more than I admit, that's where I stayed all night because no one was here to force me to move upstairs. To the comfortable bed where I wouldn't wake up confused and in pain. To take off the many layers of clothing I was wearing. And wash my face and brush my teeth.

I did wake up a few times during the night and was plagued with extremely weird dreams. I woke up once while The Secret Life was playing and I worked into my dream that I was helping pregnant teenagers by adopting all their babies. And then word got out at the local high school that I was helping out the preggos with the babies while they finished school and I ended up with 50 babies to care for. I'm fairly certain I woke up in a cold sweat. And cursing all those teens for being whores.

When I woke up that time a Girls Gone Wild infomercial was on and that became my main dream focus. I was back in college and creepy Joe Francis was in a bunch of my classes harassing all the girls to go wild. Also, I have never seen a full 30 minute Girls Gone Wild infomercial but it was weird and way beyond creepy. After watching it, even in my hazy sleep state, I can't imagine being a guy and ever wanting to order the dvds. I kind of figured the content was girls lifting their shirts with music playing, but apparently they leave in the guy asking the girls to remove their shirts and complimenting their boobs. Creepy.

The last time I woke up an infomercial about buying homes for less than $300 because they are bank repos was on. If you're wondering why I didn't turn the tv off I honestly don't have a good answer. The remote was right there, I have functioning thumbs for hitting buttons, and I probably would have slept a bit better if someone wasn't yelling at me about all the missed housing opportunities that are just passing me by. (You too could be like Bill here and own A WHOLE STREET!)

Tonight I'm going to go to bed early, like right now, before I hit the wall where walking up the stairs is beyond too much work. Although I still have more episodes of The Secret Life to watch and they are on the tivo downstairs. Decisions, decisions.

Also, the last time I got this crappy of a night of sleep was a week ago when jparks woke me up every half hour by yelling "OATMEAL CREME PIE!" in his sleep.

Unrelated, you might want to ignore anything I post here for the next 6 months or so. I've got a raging case of pregnancy brain going on and I can't remember anything to save my life. Which means that I'll probably start posts and not have any clue where I was headed by the time I reach the halfway point. Not that I'm saying that happened today or anything. No, today I was totally on track the whole time.


  1. is it wrong that i really want an oatmeal cream pie right now.


  2. Ummm I'm in class and you just made me be the awkward girl who LOLs while the teacher is lecturing for no reason due to the oatmeal creme pie line. Thanks.

  3. I think pregnancy brain posts sound like a fun read! Keep 'em coming!