Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and the lamb fell in love with a chihuahua

On Sunday jparks and I went to Best Buy so he could get some fancy Bluetooth headphones so he could play his newest online video game obsession in comfort and so that I could pick up a copy of Twilight on dvd. Shut up, Robert Pattinson is hot and I have a strange love for cheesy movies. And did I mention that Pattinson is hot?

Of course jparks could not let me just buy the movie without some input from him. Input in the form of many sarcastic remarks about how I'm secretly still a 16 year old goth girl and how I wish I were also a vampire. Seriously, the boy has some nerve to make fun of me because I would never make fun of him. But I'm not going to lie, high school me would have loved the Twilight movie with all her heart and would never dare call it cheesy or poorly acted. This was proven to me when I found the following quote on the back of the dvd's packaging "The most epic romance since Titanic" -Hollywood.com

There are no words for how much I loved Titanic back in the day. I was working at a movie theatre when it came out and I'm fairly certain I saw it once a weekend. I would also spend part of my lunch breaks sitting in on various showings, not carrying at what point I was walking in on the movie. My best friend and I even convinced one of our teachers to come with us to a showing of Titanic. I remember how the teacher looked at us like we were nuts afterward, as we looked at her like she was the freak for not loving every second of the movie. Now I understand that Titanic was a really horrible movie and I think I might owe my teacher the $6 it cost her to go see it.

As we walked out of Best Buy into the sun jparks remarked "This is the skin of a killer! twinkle" complete with jazz hands near his chest to represent twinkling skin. We both had a good laugh, because that line right there is probably one of the best lines in the movie. Then you add in the twinkle effect they used for vampire skin and omg, the cheese is overwhelming. Of course, jparks and I spent the rest of the day making jazz hand twinkles at each other. And we laughed about this until we took Lily out and discovered Vampire Dog!

this is the skin of a killer

I had considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite, but I had never considered that she could be the bad guy instead of the hero. At least now I feel safe because if I'm ever walking her and a car jumps the curb and comes barreling at me, I'll be safe in her tiny little vampire paws.


  1. Proudly never seen Titanic or Twilight. And SO DO NOT GET Robert Pattison.

  2. I am so confused. Clearly I need ot read the book or see the movie. Hey don't you have both?
    Also I have seen Titanic more than I care to admit to, and I think that is where my extreme dislike of Celine Dion came from, even though she is Canadian.

  3. Remember the dude at the theater that saw Titanic like 160 something times? Aaahhh good time in that theater. By the way, Christopher, my little brother, is now working there.

  4. I must say - that picture of Lily is kind of creeping me out. But glad to hear that you're safe from the hazards of runaway cars while walking the vampire-dog.

    In related Twilight news, parts of the next movie are being filmed here:
    You're welcome to stay with me if you decide you would like to stalk Robert Pattison. You should bring an umbrella. And raincoat. And boots.

  5. Ugh, I hated Titanic. It was SO LONG. And when they were like "the boat is going to sink in 90 minutes" it really took 90 minutes on screen. I do not want real time!

    But you know how I feel about Twilight and RPattz. I think I'm going to buy the DVD this weekend because SWOON! And I can't wait to hear the commentary. Which I have never listened to on any other movie.