Monday, April 20, 2009

big clothes, little clothes, and movies

We are in the middle of a heatwave here in the Bay Area and it kinda sucks. Although, honestly it's not that bad because there is no humidity and I have air con, but right now I generate so much internal heat that I need no environmental help staying warm. And of course, I'm ill prepared for high temperatures as the bulk of my maternity clothes are jeans and other things that are make me sweat through my deodorant by just looking at them. So today I hit the mall in search of maternity dresses that would provide a bit of summer relief and would possibly still be flattering on my new weirdly shaped body.

Of course, I figured my stomach would be the big hurdle when clothes shopping but I was wrong. Dear internet, let me introduce you to my boobs:


Holy crap, they need to stop growing. When I put on tops and dresses you can hear the fabric screaming as it struggles to hold them in. That dress was cute, but I had to go up two sizes to get it to fit in the breast region. I bought it despite that, figuring that surely my stomach is bound to catch up with my giant breasts at some point and until then it'll just be a less flattering dress. It's funny how pregnancy combined with extreme heat changes your clothing standards.

And speaking of clothes, look at what I also bought over the weekend:

I really need to stop going to Janie and Jack because between those two jackets and the hoodie that I bought, I'm making myself sick with the cuteness.

And finally, to totally change the topic of this post, when do you call it quit with Netflix movies? I've had The Holiday at home for about two months now, yet I haven't watched it. If I really wanted to see it wouldn't I have carved out two hours from my very busy tv watching schedule for it? But on the other hand, I put it in my queue so I must want to see it. Do you have a rule of thumb for situations like this? Like if it sits for a month, then back it goes? Or if it sits for a month then you make yourself watch it immediately? Because these are the kind of big decisions I am unable to make.


  1. You should also try Original Penguin- they have some cute ass baby boy shit.

  2. I once had a Netflix DVD for three months. Now, I try to watch my movies within two weeks, although my latest ones have been with me for about three. A month is my limit though, probably because they bill me every month and I have to feel like I get my money's worth. "Look! I'm paying $18 a month for three NEW DVDs!" instead of "Look! I'm paying $18 a month for the same three DVDs!"

    PS - ELBOW PATCHES OMG. Too cute!!

  3. Since we're sorta neighbors, can I come over and swim in your air con? It is so HOT in our house!!!

  4. At first I was like "Regan, those suit jackets look too small for you and also, kind of manly."

    I stopped paying for Netflix for that very reason. I held on to Hustle and Flow for like 4 months and then never watched it. I figured that if I do HAVE to watch a movie, I'll just rent one on Pay Per View or go to Redbox. Because overall, that's cheaper.

    Also, The Holiday was just on TBS this weekend so send that shit back.

  5. I try for a Netflix rule of two weeks. If two weekends have gone by and I haven't watched it, it needs to go back on Monday morning - no arguments! Also, I find movies sit around but TV series get watched (easier to commit to an hour on a weeknight) so I also try to have only one actual movie at home at a time.

    As an aside (so you know what a control freak I am), I began enforcing my Netflix rules more stringently when I gave Chris his own queue. It was fine when my movies where hanging around but drove me crazy when they were his!

    Also, The Holiday kind of sucked (I was so disappointed) so send that shit back.

  6. I am so jealous of how great you look! We have a three day rule with Netflix. I pretty much know immediately if I still want to watch it - if not then back it goes bc we can always get it again.

  7. I had a netflix movie in my house from August until a couple of weeks ago. yeah. I suck at that.
    Oh I love Janie and Jack, I totally stalk them and buy stuff on the sales rack, 'cause Trixie already has a way better wardrobe than mine.

  8. The Holiday is great house porn, if nothing else. I actually own it (it was a "you're-home-sick-and-unemployed" gift). It's easy on the eyes. So watch it and then send it back.

    We've tried to implement a 3 weeks and it goes back rule because my husband puts obscure 40s, 50s, and 60s Italian and Swedish films on the queue and they sit around f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The movie can get added back to the queue, just not within the top 20.

    Like someone above, we've found that the TV shows get watched a lot faster because of the limited time commitment/investment. Sure it's 5 or 6 episodes, but 45 minute chunks of time are a lot easier to cobble together.