Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cat littered

Remember when I mentioned that Molly has ruined the carpet in our guest room and, in order to safely turn it in a nursery, I would have to replace it? I would like to go back to that time please. That time when I didn't know just how hella expensive carpet is. And when I could look at Molly without wanting to force her into kitty pageants to pay off her many vet bills and home improvement expenses. (Do you think that cat pageants would be as awesome as dog pageants are in Best In Show? Because if so, I'm packing up a busy bee and entering one immediately.)

I've gotten two bids on replacing the carpet in that one 10'x16' room and the first bid is right below $1000 and the second is just above $1100. I could call more companies, but I am confident that the lower bid will be the lowest I'm going to get. When the contractor called me with the bid info he even told me "I buy a lot of carpet and I've got to be honest, that's some expensive carpet." Great. Thanks Molly for literally pissing away $1000. Perhaps if I use loose change in your litter box instead of cat litter you'll start going in there? Would that be more acceptable for your bathroom needs? You do realize that I have to pay for cat litter, so even by peeing on that you are costing me money. Why can't that be enough for you?

I feel like this experience has been a good lesson preparing me for parenthood. Why buy the expensive stroller when your kid will just pee and puke on it? Why get the more expensive, but just as safe as the cheap model, car seat when you'll just end up picking cheerios and god knows what else out of it for the next three years? The only thing I think I can justify spending a ton of money one is a breast pump and that's because it's for me and I take care of my things. I have never once peed on the floor in my bedroom. And while you will occasionally find a stray french fry in my car, I assure you it didn't come from me. Drive through employees drop them in while handing me my bag of food just to make me look bad. It's a conspiracy, X-Files even did an episode about it once.


  1. Gracie pees on everything too - any stray cloth thing left on thevfloor - especially the bathroom floor - gets peed on. We just dab or mop or clean it up somehow. Luckily gracie is more about peeing on wood or ceramic than on carpet so no replacing necessary. Maybe kitty Prozac would be cheaper than new carpet though. And definitely splurge on the pump - makes a world of difference. Good luck with Molly.

  2. can you put wood laminate on your second floor? It's lighter than hardwood. (isnt it?) would your HOA allow that?

  3. Hey, don't get too attached to cleaning the litter box - I think this is a good time to have J-Parks to get involved. There is a disease called Toxoplasmosis that you can get from cat poo...

  4. We had hardwood oak floors installed in our kitchen, and, bizarrely, it was actually cheaper than the linoleum (or whatever they call the plastic stuff that's the modern linoleum) quotes we got. Someone on your old post about Molly and the Carpet suggested getting hardwood floors and an area rug you could periodically send out to be cleaned--it might not actually be more expensive than the carpet, and it might be more practical.

    If it makes you feel any better, some years ago we had to pay I think $1,100.00 to replace a carpet that our cat wrecked, before moving out of an apt. in the outer Sunset.

    You might want to look at a book called, "Is Your Cat Crazy? Solutions from the Casebook of a Cat Therapist", by John C. Wright. It's written by a vet, and tells a bunch of similar stories about litter boxes, and how the problems were solved. I think the people on your last post had a lot of good suggestions; maybe the book will have some other ideas you can try.

  5. 1. Prozac is probably cheaper than another replacement of your nursery flooring. After this one, I'd put Molly back on Prozac.
    2. Those really expensive strollers are not really worth the money (in my humble opinion), they are really just status symbols. The cheap ones fall apart though and will have to be replaced sooner. I would recommend going with something mid-range. You can probably get away with a carseat and a snap-n-go type thing for the first 6 months for general getting around. If you actually want to walk some of the baby-weight off, I'd also recommend a jogging stroller with a carseat adapter bar. A good one will hold your kid until they are 3 or 4 years old.

  6. Whatever Regan. You are so going to buy the most expensive everything. Because J. Parks will MAKE YOU.

  7. http://www.naturemakesitwork.com/home/index.php

    are you sure you have t replace the carpet? try this stuff, nature's miracle. It isn't cheap but it does wonders. I have a cat that will seek revenge if he's mad and one way is by pissing on anything he can find - this stuff takes away the smell and the stain.

  8. I would get the cheapest carpet ever. I mean, it's for a nursery. Where there will be plenty of bodily fluids expelled for the next 5-7 years.

    Did you try the Feliaway? Has the issue gotten better?