Thursday, April 2, 2009

employment status: fully terminated

Sorry I've been quiet for a couple of days, I've been a bit stressed out with my employment situation. You all know I was laid off in January, but what I haven't really talked about is how I still worked for the same company as a part time employee since then. Looking back on the situation I know that when presented with the option of part time work I should have said no thanks. I was making less money as a part time employee than I did five years ago as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. Also, unemployment would have paid me more than the part time job did, so I basically screwed myself out of money all while working myself like crazy. Good times! I think I was just blindsided in January by the layoff and scared because pregnant and laid off didn't seem like a good mix in this economy, so I figured I should take the part time work because it was better than nothing.

Well, the situation has now changed and as of yesterday I am totally, 100% laid off. I had a bit of a hard time with this when I got the news last week, because the news was very vague and even made it sound like I was still employed. Then things started to become more clear and it was looking like I wouldn't be eligible for unemployment. And then finally the dust settled and I was able to file for unemployment. Assuming this all goes as planned, the unemployment should pay me more than I have been making since January and that actually feels kind of nice. Not that I want to abuse the system in any way, but I've been over working myself trying to help my company and the severance package that all the employees were given in January was not offered to me, so knowing that money will be appearing in my mailbox soon without me having to work too much is a really nice feeling. (Let the record show that the severance packages weren't really anything, they just let everyone keep their laptops, but for some reason I don't get to keep mine. Which really pisses me off even though I don't need the laptop.)

I guess, unlike every other person getting laid off right now, this is actually good news for me. By being on unemployment I'll still be able to get medical disability when I have the baby. And since I have to be actively looking for a job, I will get the joy of seeing the looks on people's faces when big, fat preggo walks into their office for an interview. And it should be fun to watch them uncomfortably interview me all the while wondering when I'm due and not being able to ask. At the very least, this should be good interview practice for me. Of course I'm assuming I get any interviews, which may not happen given the job market right now.

In other news the guestroom/nursery has been painted and it looks incredible. And I'm having a hard time calling it the nursery. Besides the paint there is nothing nursery-ish about it, but eventually it will get there and I suppose I will too. Also, I had the big blank wall painted blue and wow, did it make a difference. I'm actually feeling motivated to find a picture to hang there and order the frames I need to finish it off. Of course, as I'm finally rallying and finishing the house jparks is now talking about moving. Because he apparently has no clue that the market value of homes in this area are tanking and we can't sell for nearly as much as we paid or owe. And if you happen to be one of those people that agrees with jparks and now is so the best time to sell! sell! sell! even if you lose money, then might I suggest you shut your pie hole?


  1. Awww don't move away! And if you sell (which I don't think you should... but if you do) whereever you buy will likley be in a recession too, so you will be buying low and recoup on that property. But don't sell, stay, stay stay!
    Your old employer sucks balls... greasy nasty donkey balls.
    I can't wait to see how your walls look. Now that you have time, want to help with our decorating? It's slow going over here.
    Also, don't move.

  2. well, now that you said that your unemployment is a good thing, i no longer feel bad for you and am more than a wee bit jealous. heh.

  3. Ugh. I know all the feelings that come with that. I'm glad that you get unemployment.

    Also, looking just means applying. So as long as you're active on Monster and/or Careerbuilder, I think you'll be fine. I mean, you could put "I am pregnant, by the by" in your cover letter. You'd still be actively looking, but you wouldn't get any interviews.

    Although, I would love to hear the stories of you walking into an interview 8 months preggo. And then hear their reasons for not hiring you. Think about it! You could sue!

  4. Now is a terrible time to sell but a great time to buy. Unfortunately this is only good news if you are independently wealthy and don't have to buy and sell at the same time.

    I hope you get to take a little time with the baby before having to go get yourself employed. You will appreciate the time spent nesting. But having said that, I know what it is to have serious financial concerns so I hope you do find something good!

  5. Um, you only have to look at Craiglist once a week to honestly mark the "searched for unemployment" box on those forms.

    Moving? I would not recommend even thinking about moving while you are pregnant or have a tiny baby. That would be insane (trust me, I did it and I know it's totally crazy and would never ever do that again, unless, of course, I wanted to spend some quality time in a mental institution "resting"). Just _looking_ for a house while I was pregnant caused me so much stress I ended up with two unplanned trips to the hospital and doctor ordered bed rest. Moving with a 5 month-old nearly earned me a nervous breakdown.