Friday, April 17, 2009

modern day geniuses

I've been spending quite a bit of time searching for things to put on the walls of the kid's room, in a move that I believe is called nesting. On a side note, I would like the nesting to stop please, because I can not afford it anymore. Today I spent so much at Lowe's that the cashier hugged me and then the other workers threw confetti as I exited the store. And I faxed in the order for the new carpet. ALL IN THE SAME DAY. I'm expecting a call from my credit card company thanking me any minute now.

Anyway, so I've been searching for things to put on the walls in the nursery and I stumbled on a site that custom makes wall decals. On the home page they scroll quotes that customers have recently ordered and, I shit you not, someone ordered a quote from Ashton Kutcher's twitter. I know this, not because I follow Ashton's twitter, but because the person ordering the quote actually gave credit to Ashton and even specified that it came from his twitter. Not to sound like a grandmother, but what is the world coming to? Are people really ordering the words of a guy that created Punk'd to put on their walls? Did I somehow miss the memo alerting the world that Ashton is one of our greatest minds?

I wasn't really considering a quote decal, but now I'm starting to second guess myself. I'm going to shift my focus from finding art to scouring celebrity twitter accounts for other quotes to impart on my child. Oprah just created an account, surely she's bound to spew greatness worthy of my walls. Oh! Or Shaq. Hell, his bio is VERY QUOTATIOUS, I bet in one day he twitters enough inspiring thoughts to fill my whole house. In fact, here's a quote from him that I'm going to put above my bathroom mirror: "I c two twin sisters. Ug and lee Lol" Brilliant!


  1. This is, you realize, the perfect opportunity to pull out that book of inspirational sayings we got from Kanye West!

  2. Obviously, you need to put some "Deep Quotes by X-ibit" up on the walls.

  3. it amazes and disturbs me that Ashton Kutcher seems to have taken over the world...

  4. dude you have some stellar nesting skills. I juse made cookies! (well we were planning to move when Trixie was only 4 weeks old...) but anyhow most people just clean!

  5. I've had some good Tweets I would like to put on my wall.

    Also, I wish celebrities would stop thinking they invented Twitter. Ever since Oprah joined, the Fail Whale is out in full force!