Monday, May 11, 2009

my life is very exciting, let me show you

I'm supposed to be booking a vacation in Laguna Beach for jparks and I right now, but I can not handle the pressure of picking a hotel. My options are fancy hotel about 20 minutes away from the beach that I know the name of or supposedly fancy hotel on the beach via hotwire which could screw me over when I learn that their idea of fancy isn't the same as mine. Or do I redefine my search area and look in Dana Point as well? Or Newport Beach? Seriously, I suck at vacation planning.

So, instead of driving myself crazy over analyzing every single option for hotels I'm going to tell you all about the crap I've become obsessed with lately. I know, it's really exciting, just try to stay calm and not hyperventilate.

vitamin water 10

Maybe it's because I'm Gossip Girl obsessed and every party on that show is sponsored by Vitamin Water but lately I can't get enough of this stuff. I used to be the mean person that enjoyed pointing out to unsuspecting co-workers how bad regular Vitamin Water is (it's loaded with sugar and calories! Like way more than you would ever expect!) but now they make it with just 10 calories per serving and I'm totally a junkie. The only complaint I have left is about the price still being a bit ridiculous so I limit myself to one bottle per day. Should anyone want to send me a case, my favorite flavor is XXX.

And since I'm telling you about my new favorite beverage let me tell you all about the awesome cup I like to use while drinking it.

It's a reusable tumbler from Starbucks and it kicks the ass of any other cup out there. Yes, I realize I'm a walking advertisement for a mediocre coffee chain when I use it, but I don't care. It's a replica of their venti cup, but made with double walls so it doesn't leave condensation everywhere and the lid screws on tight so the cat can't knock it off and stick her paws in my drink. Who would have thought something so simple would make me so happy?

My final new obsession is CostCo. I've been a CostCo member for well over a year now, but I hated going after work when the lines were stupid long or, even worse, on weekends. Since I've started going during the day with the other housewives I've cultivated quite the obsession. Last week I bought a box of 200 Otter Pops. Do you have any idea how long 200 Otter Pops will last? FOREVER. If you plan on visiting me anytime soon, count on eating an Otter Pop. I also recently picked up a pack of 2000 q-tips. Jparks and I use 3 q-tips per day so we are set for the next 666.67 days. Honestly, most of the items I can buy at CostCo aren't much cheaper than at Target, but Target doesn't sell them in bulk and for some reason it is very satisfying when I come home with 2000 q-tips, 200 Otter Pops, and 6 pounds of butter.

I have more I could tell you about, like my new hippie allergy medicine which beats every other allergy medicine on the market, OTC and prescription included, but I should probably bite the bullet and book a hotel room already. I think I've narrowed it down to one hotel so now the question is do I want the whirlpool spa tub or not. decisions, decisions.


  1. 1. I am absolutely going to have to get myself one of those cups when we are back in the Bay Area!
    2. What's the point of a whirlpool spa tub when you can't take a hot bath because you are pregnant? Lukewarm baths suck.
    3. I'm sorry I haven't been to Laguna Beach and can't help you pick a hotel...because I LOVE vacation planning.

  2. I have that cup and I love it. I'm considering adding another to my collection now that it is iced coffee season.

  3. I bought the grande version of that cup last week and am totally obsessed with it too. I'm having a hard time holding myself back from buying like three more of them.

  4. If you're going to So.Cal, you might want to consider the La Valencia hotel in La Jolla Cove.

  5. Ahhhh, so this is why you have so much butter now. =)

    When I shop at Costco, sometimes I wish I had a couple children so I could have a legit excuse for buying more stuff, especially their premade food, some of which ain't bad. We also have the Otter Pops, thanks for reminding me because I'll put some more in the freezer for guests tomorrow. We bought the box a few years ago and it took... I forget, but definitely a couple years to go through them all. You may like them a lot at first, but you get tired of them fairly easily and you still have a boatload left. So either be willing to store them somewhere or hand them off on Jparks' coworkers.

  6. I want that cup. But not enough to enter a Starbucks.

  7. Which Starbucks did you go to. I was at one and didn't see them.
    And also with the Otter Pops... Adam used to buy big boxes of them too and use them in coolers and stuff, cause you can freeze and refreeze them. (which is only a little unnatural, but hey...)
    Also good luck on the vacation planning. When you're done do you want to get started on mine? I like the going and the doing, just not the planning.

  8. 1. I want that cup! Did you get it at a Starbucks location?

    2. Just ask LC or Lo or Kristin or Stephen or Talon. They'll tell you the best hotel in Laguna.

  9. I have that cup too! Love it!

  10. i saw that cup at starbucks and almost bought it.
    crap. now i might have to go back and get it!