Thursday, May 14, 2009

so close, yet so far

Holy shit, I'm 27 weeks pregnant. The other night I turned to jparks and said "I've been pregnant forever and I still have to be pregnant forever. Fuck this." I just keep waiting for the magical part of pregnancy to start, but instead of it I seem to get the heartburn, crazy hormones, oh my god why am I so damn hot all the time part of pregnancy. Over and over and over again. Seriously body, enough with this crap, when will I start pooping rainbows and seeing unicorns? When will I glow? Do I need to sacrifice an animal to get some magic to happen over here? Because it could be arranged, just give the word.

The newest pregnancy related developments are that jparks was finally able to feel some movement and I've hit what I call the hibernation stage. As far as jparks feeling his first kicks, he was super excited of course. I've been offering to poke him anytime his kid kicks me, but apparently that's not the same as actually feeling movement. The funny part about jparks getting to feel kicks is that normally the kid stops moving whenever he puts a hand on me. This is great for when I'm trying to fall asleep and the kid is playing dance, dance revolution on my organs. Jparks puts a hand on my stomach and it's game over and I can sleep. So finally feeling kicks is great for him and mildly annoying for me. Now how am I supposed to calm the kid down? Maybe whiskey would help him relax.

Throughout this pregnancy I've been nap resistant. It's not that I feel the need to go go go all the time, but it's more that I'm unemployed and really want to be able to tell people that I did something other than sleep the day away. But in the past few days something has changed and the naps will not be stopped. I'm sleeping in much later in the mornings and afternoons are now for naps whether I like it or not. Yesterday I sat down to pet the cat for a minute and woke up an hour later feeling confused and holding the cat in a death grip. Lesson learned, the nap is not to be avoided.

And really that's about all the new with the whole pregnancy thing. I'm finally showing although I still think I just look fat. We haven't done anything else to the nursery since buying the dresser. I should probably get around to ordering a crib and maybe buying some diapers or something, but like I said before I still have forever left in this pregnancy. Plenty of time to shop and enjoy the miracle of life disguised as heartburn and gas.


  1. Oh my goodness - same here! We have a month plus left and that seems like for-freakin ever. I'm big and tired and have heartburn every time I try to lie down so no matter how tired I am I have to get back up. Ugh! Hoping baby bump #2 comes at 37 weeks like big sister and doesn't hold out for 40! don't worry about not being ready - trust me when I say the 2 or 3 weeks before baby arrives your body hormonally forces you to get everything done (I'm waiting for that push before starting)! Enjoy your naps with cats - I still feel guilty aboutnot getting to nap exclusively with them anymore - my first babies. Hope all is going well. Hope your doula experience is positive. Next baby for me will be born BEFORE the start of summer bc our energy bill can't take another summer pregnancy.

  2. The glow is sweat.
    I keep forgetting to tell you about earth baby diapers. They're disposable, but they're compostable, it's avaible in the the Bay area, they pick up your dirty diapers and compost them. They do it in a way that's clean and results in clean compost. Kinda cool, and you can buy those diapers at Target and Whole Foods. Now that I've totally spammed your comments 'cause I just thought of it, sorry.
    Oh I also have a coupon for a free month of service (it's $25 a month for them to pick them up weekly and compost them)
    Also enjoy the naps, soon you'll be napping with one eye open, or one ear as it may be. Then napping with a toddler around....

  3. All you really need for the nursery is a crib and a changing table (and sounds like your dresser could double as a changing table if you put the pad thing on top). And a crib...well, you'll probably just use the bassinet for the first couple of months anyway. Diapers and stuff? They deliver right to your door and free shipping when you order enough stuff, which is really easy when you are ordering diapers and stuff.

  4. The visual of you falling asleep while petting the cat and waking up to have it in a death grip is too much. I can't stop laughing. Maybe because I've done something similar. Or maybe not.

  5. I really wish I had known you when I was pregnant. I would have felt so relieved to talk with another person who wasn't thrilled with the gas, the heartburn, the constant overheating.

    It really will end though. It has to.

  6. Im just a random passer by, thought id say hi! :)
    Apparantly ginger beer helps with th heartburn, i cant remember whether it helped for me or not, at least u know baby will have lots of hair!
    And dont feel guilty about all th sleeping! You deserve it. Even if u feel u dont deserve it now, you definately deserve it in advance. Be prepared friend!
    Feel free to drop past my page :) have a gr8 day