Friday, June 5, 2009

lackadaisical life

So it appears the crazy got turned down a couple of notches after I talked about it but in exchange my laziness went up a few notches. For example, we have three toilets in the house. Two have been out of toilet paper since Tuesday and the third was running dangerously low. I had toilet paper in the garage, but holy hell that's two flights of stairs away from some of the bathrooms. Instead of bringing the toilet paper into the actual house I just stopped using the two bathrooms with no paper. Now I do enter the garage at least two or three times a day yet it never occurred to me grab the toilet paper until I was in the house and by then I'm not walking back down the stairs. That's way too much activity for me.

I did finally cave and brought the toilet paper inside but only because I hit a point of no return where it was either bring it in or start using the baby wipes that a friend gave me. And since I'm fairly certain baby wipes aren't flushable and that's not a road I wanted to go down yet, toilet paper it had to be.

Besides my toilet paper laziness I have delayed packing for my trip down to Southern California until tonight and I leave in the morning. Also, I'm delaying it even more by typing this pointless post. On top of that I still have to take the trash out, fill out my unemployment form, and figure out directions to the VA Center in L.A. where jparks' AIDS Lifecycle ride ends. Maybe I should put some extra food out for the cats too. I'm also pretending that I didn't have a running list of errands and tasks to complete around the house this week because I only did one of them. Maybe. I can't really remember. Wait, yes, nap was on the list and I did that.

My crowning laziness achievement was when I went to the dry cleaners today to pick up some pants I had there. Turns out the pants were so far past their pick up date that the lady behind the counter said they don't usually allow people to pick up items that at this point, but because I'm pregnant and obviously have a lot on my mind, she would let me. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I knew they needed to be picked up and even though I live within walking distance I just couldn't be bothered. Or that when I was at the grocery store numerous times in the past month the extra five steps to the cleaners would have killed me. I'm just too damn lazy for those five steps. I did however tell her that it was jparks fault, that he was the one that forgot the pants, not me. This of course, is totally not true in any way and I doubt he even knew the pants were there. When I told her that she shook her head, laughed, and said "That's husbands for you, always forgetting to run errands!" Ha, yes, husbands, darn them for being so lazy!

Now you'll have to excuse me as I end this abruptly because coming up with a coherent conclusion is obviously way too much work.

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  1. What would they have done with the pants if they weren't going to let you pick them up?