Sunday, June 28, 2009

regan is wondering

This should come as no surprise to anyone around here, but posting has been light lately. I'm blaming this on the fact that I'm no longer working and therefore am not confined to a desk for 8 hours every day. It turns out that I'm a day time blog poster, not a night time one, because at night I'm so busy watching crap shows on Bravo spending time with jparks that I can't find the time to post here. This does not mean that I'm abandoning the blog, it just means that I suck. Sorry.

Even when I was at my best with posting here, I failed miserably at updating other social networking sites. It's actually embarrassing how little I use my facebook account. The other day I uploaded a picture there and discovered that some of my contacts didn't even know I was pregnant. The point of facebook is for people to easily keep up to date with their friends' lives, yet I apparently don't understand that concept. But wait, isn't that why I have a blog?

I guess what I'm wondering is, what are the rules for blog and facebook crossover? Is it annoying to post to your blog and then link to that post in your facebook status? Is there an app that does it for you? Does it come off as a desperate plea for attention? Or should I assume that the people that are my facebook friends know about my blog and if they wanted to read it, they would? I mean, the more people are all "whoa, I didn't know you're pregnant!" over there, the more I feel like an ass of a friend. But I fail at updating facebook. Really, I tried, but I'm no good at it.

So, internet, what are the rules for this sort of thing? Do it and possibly come off as an attention whore? Or stick to posting updated statuses to facebook every 6 months or so? Or is it totally acceptable and I'm just over thinking it like I do about most things?


  1. There are layers for me. Facebook - Mobileme - LinkedIn are all pretty much publicly known and identifiable. Twitter, my blog, Tumblr, the largely-defunct old LJ account - anyone who knows me will be able to tell it's me, but I have worked to diminish their identifiability. I know a lot of folks who have Facebook and Twitter post identical updates, but I can't conceive of doing that in my current arrangement.

  2. I say who cares. Do what makes you feel good and if someone gives you a bad time about it, again who cares.
    I do much more facebook than blog, 'cause I only have time for update type posts anymore, but with all of my family and majority of friends living everywhere but here, I need a way to stay in touch. Facebook it is.
    But still do what makes you happy.
    It might change once Papaya comes along.

  3. I think there is an app that will let you post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time (have to ask Kathy S.) - and I think folks do this because a lot of people regularly use one or the other, but not both, so it's an easy way to update all those friends at the same time. I also think it's totally OK to post a quick blurb on Facebook and a link to a longer detailed post on your blog. If it's not then I am committing a major virtual-social faux-pas and someone should tell me. There is an app to have Facebook update when you post a picture on Flickr - I forget what it was but Whitney told me how to make that happen.

    P.S. no one is allowed to give you shit about _anything_ right now because you're 8 months pregnant! In my book you get a free pass on just about everything until your baby is at least 6-months old.

  4. There is an app to link your blog to facebook - but it only shows up in the notes section. I don't know if it is acceptable - I've wondered that myself. We also have an app for fluckr and Twitter I'll get mike to tell you how he does it all.

  5. I only ever log on to FB when I get an email about a friend request . Most of my friends read my blog, so I figure they can get info from there. And if they don't know about my blog and haven't clicked on my FB profile to get the blog address, I actually don't care about them and telling them I got a tarot card reading in New Orleans.

    Also, I don't think I really understand FB, still. And with a blog, Twitter and Flickr, FB is just too much in the social media pie.

  6. most days I regret adding my posts to my facebook page...mostly because all of my mom's friends (who have friended me on facebook) have now found my blog...and run and tell my mom all the shit i say about her on my blog. good times.