Tuesday, July 7, 2009

celebrating three years of wedded bliss. also, mini doughnuts!

You know how most people like to recap their weekends in blog posts on Monday? Well, I'm bucking the trend and doing it on Tuesday. I'm such a rebel! Who knows what you'll find over here in my corner of the internet!

Friday was jparks and I's wedding anniversary and to celebrate I booked us a room at the InterContinental and bought us tickets to see Spamalot. On a whim we decided to grab dinner before the show at Out The Door and holy crap, was it good. I could easily have their cellophane noodles with crab every night. Spamalot was incredibly funny and the hotel was incredibly nice. I was a tiny bit worried that I would be miserable without my four million pillows, including a full body one, but the fact that I could turn the air con down to 65 degrees, guilt free, really helped.

On the 4th we went and saw Transformers in IMAX and I can't come up with anything to say about that piece of crap movie that isn't already said here. The only good thing about seeing it was the coffee shop in the lobby that sold mini cake doughnuts. I think I might start a petition to get mini doughnuts sold in more places because they are the perfect treat, big on flavor and tastiness, but small on size.

Sunday I had the best intentions of getting up and acting like a normal human, but I was hit with another wave of "Perhaps I should stay near the toilet or maybe this bucket." I'm really loving that morning sickness can pop its head back up late in pregnancy as a bonus treat. Nothing says fun like trying to make a mad dash to the bathroom when getting out of bed takes at least a minute thanks to a large stomach and a bad sense of balance. This is how my whole day looked:
my Sunday

Despite the breakdown on Sunday, yes there were tears because there's only so much feeling like crap that I can take before I hit a wall, the weekend was a great one. Jparks was very proud of himself for making it through three years of marriage without me killing him but I told him the true test will be this next year when I'm sleep deprived and extra cranky. If he survives this year then I think it's safe to say we'll be together for life.


  1. She's baaaaack.

    I loved Spamalot, too, and was hoping Scott and I would have a chance to see it again, but alas, it looks like we probably won't. Out the Door is my go-to restaurants, and the IC is one of my favorite SF hotels. Fun weekend you had!


  2. The only good thing about feeling like crap at the end of your pregnancy is it motivates you to put a positive spin on labor and delivery. My mantra this time around was "only a few more hours instead of a few more weeks." I hope you feel better bc I know how much it sucks to be big and hot and feel like crap and unable to jump out of bed or off the couch in a hurry.

  3. I just realized I left out an n in anniversary, so it's down here in this other comment.

  4. Happy aniversary!

    I'm so sorry you're feeling like crap. It will be over soon.

  5. Happy anniversary!

    There is morning sickness at the end too? Why is pregnancy so cruel? Like having a huge belly and waddling isn't punishment enough. Towards the end you should be able to just sleep and eat as many mini-donuts as you'd like.