Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You know, I have no excuse for posting so sporadically and then when I do post it's all baby crap and no one really cares about that expect for jparks and I's moms. So I started a post tonight and then was instantly sidetracked when some friends started twittering about 16 and Pregnant, specifically the adoption episode. Have you seen it? No? Dear god, you should. But be warned: have kleenex ready.

Anyway, so my other post got derailed and I forgot what I was talking about and have decided to resort to a picture:


Those booties are killing me with their cuteness. KIIIIILLLLLIIINNNG.

Also, in about 2.5 weeks I'll have someone to wear them. Well, someone besides Lily. She's getting pretty tired of trying out all the baby stuff.

lily stroller

Yeah, I am that person. Whatever.


  1. Is this the stroller you were looking at in Lullaby Lane when I ran into you there? I like it!

  2. Would it be weird if tomorrow night I excuse myself from all parties to run back to the hotel to watch the reunion?

  3. Ha ha hahahaha! I did the same thing to my cats when I was waiting for the boys to show up. And, I'm not even either of your moms, but I love hearing your baby stuff!

  4. Those booties! SO CUTE!

    Also, I got a photo from my brother of their puppy in a doll stroller the other day.

  5. What's that cute polka-dotty thing next to the booties?!