Thursday, July 23, 2009

two very unrelated things

Have ya'll seen the ads for G-Force, the latest bit of movie awesomeness from Jerry Bruckheimer? I swear I saw the trailer, heard Tracy Morgan voicing one of the guinea pigs, and thought "There is no way this is a real trailer. It has to be an ad for 30 Rock." I guess I just couldn't believe that a movie about spy guinea pigs could actually exist and that real actors had signed up to star in it. I have no intentions of seeing G-Force, but I would be the first in line if 30 Rock Tracy Morgan were starring in it. In fact, can someone make that movie right now? And instead of a regular guinea pig, have it be Tracy's head CGI'ed onto a guinea pig's body. Genius!

Now that I'm nearing the end of pregnancy I've been browsing regular clothes and day dreaming about what I would buy if I knew what size I'm going to end up. Tonight I found this dress that I love:
Picture 14
It's cute, right? But then I clicked to see more views of it and I think the dress has a vagina:
Picture 15
The description makes no mention of this random opening and I can't see any reason for it. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?


  1. pockets? i hope, at least.

    i have a friend whose husband worked on that movie. only thing worse than seeing it is having to work on it for months and months and months. yikes.

  2. The red underneath is completely crazy too. The dress model looks beige... yet the fabric under the opening is red. The only time I've ever seen a random slit like that was in the back, to allow a tight skirt to move when you walk... but the skirt on that dress isn't tight. So I have no idea wtf.

  3. Pockets on the side or an interior zipper?? Weird.

  4. The dress is adorable! Where's it from? I tried to click through to see if you mentioned it, but your pics are private.

  5. This dress is SO Jane Jetson! Very cute! Oh, and I vote "pocket".

  6. Oh, just wait. That little blue bundle of joy you're baking will one day be begging to see movies like G-Force & believe it or not you'll look forward to taking him. That's exactly how my Sunday afternoon played out.