Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would give up all of these shows for a solid 12 hours of sleep

I pretty much knew going into this parenthood thing that being sleep deprived for awhile would be the norm. What I didn't know was just how much I would rely on my tivo and netflix to get me through the wee hours of the night when I'm so tried that I can't focus on much. I tried reading but when Truman's stuck to my boob, drool is gathering in the corner of my mouth, and my eyes are half open, the last thing I can focus on is a book. Honestly, even a magazine is a bit over my head at that point. It's safe to say that if I didn't have a tivo I'm sure that I would have fallen asleep during a feeding and dropped Truman.

So because I'm tired and I refuse to cave and give you guys more Truman pictures instead of real content, here are my thoughts on random crap I've been watching at night:

On Food Network a new show called "What Would Brian Boitano Make?" recently premiered and it's so good. I had no idea Brian Boitano had a sense of humor about himself, but he does and now I love him. In one episode he says he loves figure skating, riding his bicycle across rainbows, and cooking, then they show him riding his bike across a cartoon rainbow. I don't care if every recipe he features is total crap, the biking bit won the show a season pass on my tivo. (For the record all of his recipes seem tasty, but I haven't made any of them yet) Mr. Boitano, I see you're local, can I come over for dinner?

People, one word: Hoarders. This is the most depressing show on tv and yet I can't not watch, unless we're talking about the cat hoarder episode, which I deleted from my tivo so I wouldn't be tempted. I think the most depressing aspect of the show is that these people aren't magically fixed at the end of the episode and you know within a year they'll be back in the same situation. I mean, won't pitching all their crap just make them go out and get even more crap, even faster. I'm fairly certain that once a hoarder, always a hoarder.

I hate Cake Boss. Buddy is no Duff and their cakes aren't nearly as interesting as Ace of Cakes'. We get it, you're Italian and you make cakes. You're like the Godfather of bakeries. Yay for you.

When pregnant I became obsessed with pregnancy shows like "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Now that I've had the kid, one would assume I would start watching shows like "Supernanny", but that's not the case. No, I've started watching wedding shows and my favorite is "Bridezillas." Basic premise of the show is that some women become crazy bitches about their weddings and their crazy bitch ways get filmed and aired for normal people to see. I thought the women on the show would be a little crazy, because if they were really crazy why would they sign up to air that on national tv? Holy crap, was I wrong. The women they feature are beyond really crazy. I want a behind the scenes episode where the producers tell how they find these women. Do they send in audition tapes and if so, can we see them? Also, can we have a follow up with some of the women? Did they watch their episodes and feel embarrassed? Did they manage to stay married? I need more info!

My baby can read but only if I buy him a five dvd set. Because watching tv is how most kids learn to read, right?


  1. I watch Cake Boss although I have a love/hate relationship with it. Some of the episodes are pretty awesome --- like when he created a bridal cake for the sullen bride who proceeded to TRASH her beautiful cake when he turned his back --- but a lot of it feels pretty forced and YES, the guido thing kind of gets old.

    Also, I hate his wife because she's kind of pretty.

    I had heard of the Brian Boitano show and how over the top it was. But biking on a rainbow? I'm adding it to my DVR list!

    The only wedding show I ever watched was the Kleinfeld one, I can't remember what it's called. Their dresses are beautiful but, after a few episodes, the brides got on my nerves. And ALL. THE. DRAMA. Not the good kind, either!

    I'm addicted to Animal Planet and HGTV. I got sucked into "Design Star" about halfway through. Also, I have a crush on Dave Salmoni; he's way better than the high-pitched, cracked out Jeff Corwin. OH and Food Network. The Extreme Challenges are the shit.

  2. I just watched Hoarders for the first time on Monday. I'm hooked. It is disgusting and depressing, yet I can't turn away. The cat episode made me cry.

    It's sad because they need mental help. Like the one I watched last night, the woman was certifiable, yet refused mental health care. I'm sure her house is just as messy now.

  3. haha! tv kept me alive too! i miss those days of being able to feed through a whole episode of Gossip Girl (that was my addiction when cooper was wee). Now I can't get throw an episode of anything until he goes to sleep. Although we can get through episodes of Sesame Street but that's a different story.

    about a few weeks into having cooper slept upstairs in his own crib (around the 3 month mark), i woke up in the middle of the night FREAKING out cuz I thought that I was feeding him in bed and let go of him and he ended up in the ceiling fan. DELIRIOUS I tell you DELIRIOUS! He was just resting peacefully in his crib, and I had a lot of explaining to do....

  4. Oh, Hoarders. I can't stop watching. I was AN HOUR LATE to a party last weekend because of that damn show. (Actually, I later found out they were selling tacky jewelery at that party, so I'm glad I was late.)

    My current favorite shows are Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock on tru and The Strictest Parents in the World on CMT (I have no clue how I ever found a show that was on CMT)

  5. I've never heard of Hoarders, I'm gonna look it up.
    If you have BBC America there's some funny stuff on there. I love the show where these two ladies go to clean someone's house. The houses are always nasty gross. (Like you won't be able to eat for an hour before or after you watch it.) Also British decorating? So amusing!

  6. Do we really need this many cake shows?

  7. About the hoarders... OMG... freak'in train wrecks that mine eyes cannot turn from!

    Brian Boitano & rainbows??? I am SO there.