Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday I went to have my eyebrows waxed for the first time since February. Don't judge me, while pregnant I knew would be suffering the pain of labor shortly so I decided to skip the joy of ripping hairs out of my face. This led to some very overgrown eyebrows, but whatever. It's not like keeping them shaped and groomed would have made me attractive, my huge stomach pushed me so far from that point that no amount of waxing could bring attractiveness back to my pregnancy body. Anyway, today I went and got my brows waxed, but before leaving the house I did something awful. I was hungry so I ate a tuna sandwich. Then I got in my car and drove to the waxer without even giving one thought to how awful my breath had to be and how close the waxer gets to your face during the appointment. Once there I realized what I had eaten and desperately searched for some gum or mints but I found nothing. I'm sure the waxer thought I was a total bitch when I only gave her one word responses to her questions, but really, it was for her own good.

Jparks went back to work on Monday leaving Truman and I to start our stay at home lifestyle. Things like the waxer situation where I act first and then think have been popping up all over the place because I am so disheveled. It seems the only thing I have a firm grasp on, and there's no chance in hell I'm letting go, is my wardrobe. I'm so terrified that I'll lose part of my personal identity to motherhood that I've become more obsessed with what I'm wearing than ever before. Basically I don't want to start down the slippery slope that ends with this:

Today I go to my OB and hopefully I'm all recovered from childbirth and am given approval to start working out again. I think part of the reason that I've developed my new clothing obsession is because while yes I have lost all my pregnancy weight, my body just isn't the same. My arms have gone flabby from not doing weights and my stomach is more pouchy than ever before. Also, my ass is huge, but that's always been the case. I don't even want to think about the leg muscles I've lost from not running in 10 months. During my pregnancy I hated that I had become such a stationary blob, and while I knew exercise some would be fine, I was just too sick to want to do anything more strenuous than walking from the bed to the couch. Now I feel like I have the chance to take control of my body again and I'm doing that by signing up for more fitness things than any person with a six week old should. I've found a 5K that I plan on running in November and a half marathon in February. I'm going today to tour the fancy new JCC because it appears to be the nicest gym in the area. And finally, I plan on getting information about a personal trainer because if you're going to go full force towards crazy exercise women, then you really need all the proper accessories.

I'm sure that shortly I'll burn myself out on being obsessed with clothes and working out, but until I reach that point Viva la Obsession! Time to wear my new favorite red heels and dig out my running shoes!


  1. Hulu won't let me watch the video b/c their "video library can only be streamed with in the United States". Bastards.

  2. I hear ya! Nothing is in the same place as it was prechildren! So even though the scale is down my clothes do NOT fit like they used to. I've started running too - and I love it! The QUIET alone time is great for my stress level. We're running a 5k in October and the rock n roll half marathon in February too! I was fitted for "real" running shoes last month - and it was soo fun! Enjoy!

  3. Have you checked out JCC yet? I've been thinking about there too, and they have a pool, Trixie needs more pool time. And I am sure I"ll need a good place to go post pregnancy too!

  4. If I went that long without an eyebrow wax, I would have a unibrow. I can't go more that 5 weeks without it getting BAD.

    Good luck with the working out. If you could find some extra motivation to pass my way, that would be awesome.