Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that star can twinkle

Oh internet, I am delusional. You see, today I was at the mall and I saw a sequined dress that I instantly fell deeply in love with. I'm very crow-like in that shiny or sparkly things draw me in and the ultimate in my mind is a black sequined dress. Nothing gaudy or too over the top, just a simple dress with sequins. Twinkling, light catching sequins. I've been obsessed with the idea of this dress for a couple of years now and almost bought one last year, but jparks' holiday party was much too casual for it.

Anyway, back to the delusional aspect of this story.

I was walking through White House Black Market when I stumbled upon the perfect little black sequined dress. And then I tried the dress on and saw that the word that needs the most stress in that last sentence is little. It is hella short. I tried it on, looked in the mirror, thought "holy crap, that's a lot of leg" and then bought it anyway because I am stupid delusional. This is the kind of dress that you either have to be 21 or Tina Turner to wear and unfortunately I am neither of those. But I'm keeping it and wearing it to jparks' work holiday party.

If I had one of those ever popular Life Lists "wear a sequined dress" would be on it. I know right now I'm not in the best shape to rock a dress with a "high hemline" but chances are, in the future I'll be in worse shape. I'm also well aware that this dress doesn't have to be the one that fulfills my desire, in fact Target has a really cute sequined dress right now, but I figure go big or go home. Or in this case, go teeny tiny hemline or go home.

So there you have it, I have lost my mind and bought a short sequined dress that is not meant to be worn by an adult of my size. And I have bought it to wear around jparks' coworkers. I'm considering it payback for last year's holiday party where jparks got drunk and yelled in the middle of the dance floor "I have poo issues! I can't poo if people can hear me! So what!" Honestly, I think what he did was worse. It's one thing to have an inappropriately dressed wife, it's another to loudly share the requirements of your bowel movements while people are trying to dance to YMCA.

Can anyone make a shoe suggestion to complete the look? Also, the model is wearing fishnets with open toe shoes, are we rocking that look now? I was going to maybe wear opaque tights so I don't blind people with my white legs, are open toe shoes okay with them? Is it acceptable with tights so long as they aren't reinforced toe? I'm so confused because open toe shoes with tights have been such a fashion no for me for so long that even the idea of wearing them together feels wrong. Picture 14And can someone talk me out of buying this tank? So shiny!


  1. 1. The WHBM dress is way cuter than the Target one. 2. tights are a good idea if the dress is really as short as it looks 3. personally, I'm thinking super high heel satin mary janes, but no peep toe shoes and 4. why would I talk you out of buying that tank? It's super cute and if it's within your shopping budget and looks cute on you, you should buy it.

  2. I bought sequin pumps yesterday. What the heck is wrong with us? I was the same way -- ooh! shiny!
    I have nothing of substance to add to your dilemma. I am now studying this sequined tank though...

  3. My first thought when I saw the dress was "wow, that's short!" But you're short, so I think you can pull it off. Just don't end up dropping it like it's hot on the dance floor and showing the world your Britney bits.

    Also, I will never get behind tights and open-toed shoes. I saw some famous person doing it on GFY, but I don't care. It is WRONG.

  4. Keep the dress you have, the Target one is not as nice, and it has the worst halter ever. (but I hate halters and they're not good for girls with boobs, ever.)
    Ihave no idea with shoes, somthing simple and closed toe, I would guess.
    You're totally going to outshine every geek's wife at the party. Heh. Jason will be a god, which is kinda funny!

  5. So, I would not do tights because tights are too casual, in my opinion. I'm thinking sheer black stockings. I've worn open toed shoes with tights before mostly because I didn't have much of a choice (I was traveling and the shoes were my most comfortable ones and it was cold outside), but it wasn't as bad looking as I feared it would be. Still, it's not my favorite thing.

  6. This is also my dream. And you NEED tights.

  7. Tights & closed-toe heels. Tights + open-toed shoes = WRONG (just like stirrup pants)

  8. I say black satin mary janes too. In fact, I have a pair if you wear an 8.5. I love the dress. And really, what is the point of a holiday party if you can't wear something sparkley?

  9. Great dress! I was firmly against opened-toe shoes with any type of stocking. But I've come around and *OMG* wore tights with my peep toe shoes at work today. I've warmed to the idea...mainly because of the different looks I've seen on various fashiony blogs.

    I do however, maintain my ban on white pants. No one looks good in them.

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