Thursday, January 21, 2010

the view from here could be worse

Greetings from the other side of 30! Things here are, um, older? Actually, having only been in the land of 30 year olds for ten days now I can say life here isn't as scary as I was expecting, although a few things do suck.

Sucky Thing Number 1: Truman's reaction when I told him how old I am now

He used to be my favorite child, but has now lost that title to Lily. She will never judge me for getting older.

Sucky Thing Number 2: Mustache

I swear the day before my birthday my upper lip decided "What the hell, let's grow a mustache!" I'm no stranger to facial waxing as I can't handle plucking my own eyebrows so I have them beaten into submission via wax frequently. And I've even given in to waxing that upper lip area in the past, but I've never felt like it was necessary. Before it was a preventative attack but now it needs to be done. I wonder if it feels like jparks is just kissing himself lately.

I'm sure there are other sucky things that I'm too tired to remember them right now. (perhaps I'm not too tired, it's just my memory going since I'm old. That can be Sucky Thing Number 3!) So onto the good things about being 30! Wheee!

We went to dinner at LB Steak, just the two of us, and I got a very tasty adult beverage:

It's okay to admit that you're a bit disappointed that my tasty beverage is covering my mustache. That wasn't done on purpose and is just a happy mistake

Besides a spiced pear lemon drop I also had a filet mignon and some truffled mac and cheese. Oh! And pork belly with a fried egg! It was a meal full of win.

After dinner jparks and I walked over to Nordstrom where I got these beauties:
Apparently once you're 30 you're finally responsible enough to own a pair of very expensive shoes. Or maybe you need very expensive shoes to distract from your mustache. Either way, I have very expensive shoes that make me feel very good. I know you're thinking those are pretty tame as far as shoes go, and I would have loved something more along these lines, but really, a black pump? I'll wear the hell out of that.

All things considered 30 isn't too bad. I mean, sure as Mary-Lynn pointed out lusting after Chuck Bass is now probably extra creepy and I bet that same thing applies to Puck from Glee, but hey I have nice shoes! And jparks still loves me despite the mustache. Now if I could just convince Truman that me being 30 isn't the end of the world and that if he wants to make fun of someone for being old, perhaps his father is better suited for being the butt of those jokes. After all, he's older then me and bald, that's comedy gold right there.


  1. HAAAAA! And happy! belated! birthday! to you. Now's when you truly get to start saying you're only 29...

  2. I know the show's on a break, but I'm pretty sure you are still not quite in Puck's wheelhouse. Now if he could get into the BBC, that would be what the Navy boys call "a target-rich environment"...

  3. Holy crap you updated your blog! :)
    So when you turn 30 you're supposed to get really nice shoes? I have to go and have a heart to heart talk with my husband, because I've turned 30, 31 and 32 and I have no really nice shoes, and my chucks don't count!
    Although threading your eyebrows = painless, threading your lip = torture. Just thought I'd share that little nugget of wisdom.

  4. The best stuff I found for painlessly removing upper lip hair is stuff I found in Australia. It's some of that stuff that dissolves the hair at the root or whatever but is better than whatever I've used from Walgreens. I'm sure linda could send some here with Adam! Want me to tell her the brand and stuff so she can send along?

  5. eh...I'm, gulp, 31...and I still lust over inappropriately too young for me boys. heh.


    the shoes! drool.

  6. I'm going to steal your Louboutins.
    (Does the JLo song referencing them irritate anyone else?)
    Also, happy birthday! I turn 26 in March so I still have a few years until nice shoes. And Dea is totally wrong - Chucks count as nice shoes, especially considering you pay $40+ for some canvas and rubber. But they rock so it's okay.
    CUTE BAYBEH. Seriously, adorable.

  7. Well, the good thing is that Puck is really like 27 in real life. So I tell myself it is OK to lust after him then. And I'm older than you.

  8. I hope Truman is standing in the corner right now for giving you that look.

  9. Major shoe envy. Major!

  10. Those shoes are real purty. You're rocking 30, btw. So pretty with the big girl drink.

    Thanks for posting again. It's snowed like a mofo here this week, and I'm a little stir crazy. Yessir.

  11. Great shoes! Happy Birthday too! I'm glad to hear 30 isn't as tramatizing as reported, I'll be celebrating saturday. Hard to believe! Truman is adorable!

  12. Thirty is not that bad I am 35 and I still feel young. I believe that at any age you deserve nice shoes, so go a head and indulge. Its ok my girls also think that I am old .