Thursday, February 25, 2010

crust twisting!

I would like someone to invent and send me a recipe for what I'm calling crust twists. Crust twists are the best part of a pie, the crust, twisted into sticks that can then be dipped into a fruit or cream sauce. Actually the dipping sauce is completely optional and only included so that people like jparks won't whine that the crust twists are too boring on their own. Crust twists should not be coated in cinnamon sugar because then we're talking churros, which are a totally different beast. Crust twists should remain as true to a regular pie crust recipe as possible, but should maybe be sturdier so they don't crumble when you pick them up. Also, maybe less flaky? Although I'm not sure about that though since flaky equals tasty.

Can you tell I've spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about crust twists lately? I wish I were kidding about my love for these things that do not exist (that I know of) but honestly, I love them. When I've had a rough day I spend a minute thinking about enjoying a crust twist with a nice cup of tea. Ohh, could we somehow infuse crust twists? Maybe an earl grey one? People I am just overflowing with good ideas tonight!

While we're talking about food and recipes, let me share the joy that are wasabi and soy sauce almonds. The lovely Metalia twittered about them a few weeks ago and as soon as I saw them in a store, I grabbed a tin. Holy crap, I'm addicted. The issue is that the small cans, that I can easily empty in an afternoon, are expensive. Which leads me back to my issue with crust twists: can someone create a recipe for wasabi and soy sauce coated almonds and send it to me? I've been scouring stores trying to locate either the lime and chili or the salt and vinegar flavors, but have had no luck, so I'll also happily accept recipe for them as well.

And one more plea. Do you guys know those soft sugar cookie that grocery stores sell? They look like this:

Those are the best cookies in the history of cookies. They are always labeled "sugar cookies" but they are not simply sugar cookies. I thought maybe using a cake batter would be the key to their secret, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Anyone have suggestions for at home production of them? Also, I need help with their icing. It's more firm than a regular icing and oh so delicious.

Also, I think this post might win me blogger of the year. I disappear for two, almost three weeks and when I return I demand recipes. Did you want actual content? My bad! I figured my call for recipes was more interesting than hearing about Tru's high chair that is currently residing in my shower or the fact that Philadelphia Chickens is playing in a constant loop through my head. Holy crap, I've become a cliche. Quick, someone bring me a crust twist!


  1. I think I have post baby nesting. So as I'm reading this I'm makign up the recipes in my head.
    So I'll let you know tomorrow how the crust twists and nuts go.
    Also tomorrow, Adam's at work. ahhh!

  2. Giada has a recipe that uses puff pastry for pastry twists. Hers uses cinnamon but I'm sure you can omit or just do a butter brush and sugar dusting before baking. Otherwise, make or buy pie crust, cut into strips, weave two strips together, brush on melted butter, dust with sugar and bake until golden brown and delicious. My mom used to make them all the time.

    There is also a bakery in North Beach that sells the most awesome pastry twists that are covered in powdered sugar. I wish I knew the name, but I only know where it is and that it is around the corner from my old apartment.

    For the very best sugar cookie recipe ever, get a Fannie Farmer cookbook and follow the sugar cookie recipe.

    Giada also has some great cookie icing recipes that involve complex things like lemon juice and powdered sugar (and that's it).

  3. For a lemon sugar cookie, these are awesome. More like a cakey cookie, than a crispy cookie.

  4. - I would probably tailor the amount of sugar; cutting back on it might bring it closer to "soy sauce" than "teriyaki." Tinkering the garlic might work. And, of course, using almonds instead of hazelnuts and Brazil nuts.

    As for the cookies (which I adore) supposedly these are close:

    And you can add powdered sugar to any store-bought frosting to firm up the consistency.

    DUDE. Someone smarter and more baker-like could probably figure out the crust twists because those sound delicious. A strip of some type of jam running down them... oh man.

  5. I don't have much to offer, but I can tell you that the Funfetti boxed cake mix used to have a cookie recipe on the side of it that yielded cookies very, very similar to the sugar cookies you love so much. I have no idea whether they still feature the recipe on the box, but maybe you could find it online. I like all of your current craving ideas, btw!

  6. indeed, those are the most insanely delicious cookies ever.

    crust twists?????? that is weird.

  7. I HAD a can of those almonds on my desk until yesterday, when I dared to work from home. My coworkers are thieves.

  8. Those ARE the best cookies in the history of cookies! I do not know why, as store bought stuff is usually crap, but I can eat that whole carton of cookies!!

    And you're on to something with that crust twist idea. I think they should still be flaky though. That's where all the tasty goodness is.

  9. Jeff's mom makes the best sugar cookies using Jiffy pie crust mix. Yep, the kind in that little box. While the baker in me is slightly offput by this, I have to admit they are pretty awesome, and taste an awful lot like those store bought ones.

  10. I am addicted to this cookies too! Check this recipe out:

  11. Any sugar cookie recipe that contains cream of tartar will result in a soft, cake-like sugar cookie, as opposed to a crispy, firm cookie you might get with other sugar cookie recipes.

  12. One of the Wilton's standard sugar cookie recipes (its the one with six ingredients, but i forget the name it goes by) makes a delicious stand in for the grocery store madness, but only when rolled slightly thick and taken out of the oven just as they start to get any color. Top it with a buttercream made unsalted butter and a smidgen of shortening (i know i know), and pretty colors and sprinkles, and you're in business.