Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well after all that back and forth over moving to Austin I have made up my mind. I am moving to Austin and I plan to live in the back room of Frank. And if they won't let me live there, then I'll live in the pay parking lot next door. It's affordable, $6 per day so only $186 for a month's rent. What a bargain!

But let's back up. What's Frank? It's a proud purveyor of pork and its tasty friends.

Translated it means they serve artisan hot dogs, fancy drinks, and are my kind of people. God bless the Waverlies for telling me about Frank.

I started with a summer soda which was served in a mason jar. I think I'm correct when I say that anything served in a mason jar tastes better. Also, I plan on going home and breaking all my barware and replacing it with mason jars. Once I do that you're all invited to come over for summer sodas.
Summer soda

After boudin fritters and green chile chorizo cheese fries appetizers I had a Carolina Pork It, which is a Vienna beef sausage, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in BACON and deep fried, grilled coleslaw, and house made green chile pimento cheese. It was as good as it sounds and I ate it in about three huge bites.
Carolina Pork It

You would think all of that would stuff me, but I still made room for the Frankencookie.
the frankencookie

I know savory and sweet desserts aren't for everyone but holy hell, this one did it for me. It's warm house made chocolate chip, pecan, walnut, cranberry and bacon cookie, scoop of Amy’s coffee ice cream, and candied bacon crumbles. It really was the perfect ending for the meal.

The weather here has been beautiful and the property is actually affordable but it's Frank that won me over. So yeah, it appears I'll be moving to Austin.


  1. Posts like this one convince Adam that he needs to convince me to move to Austin.

  2. My God, that hot dog is insane. I want one. That looks like the perfect restaurant for my husband, so if you move to Austin, we definitely want to come and visit...

  3. OMG, that looks so good! I'm drooling!

    Please move to Austin so I can come visit you and live at Frank's! YUM!

  4. Booking my trip right now.

  5. You are a vegetarian's worst nightmare. Traitor!! ;)

    (still warm and fuzzy inside that you are moving to Austin!)

  6. I'm finally catching up with you (via blog)- that's awesome that you're moving to Austin! Seeing as how I've seen you once in the past 5 years, I think I'm more likely to see you in Austin. Best of luck with the move! :)

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