Wednesday, April 28, 2010

not willingly rocking a mohawk

I knew that when I got pregnant my hair would stop falling out and get all thick and luxurious. And it did and it was a-mazing! I've never had thick shiny hair and for 9 months I did. I'm not saying it was an equal trade for all the puking I did, but it was nice.

Of course, then I had the kid and everyone told me "Just you wait, your hair is going to fall out in clumps!" Thanks friends! I was sleep deprived and terrified I would wake up one morning looking like jparks. I would sit with Truman for our 2am feedings and think about how any second I would hear a little poof and watch all my hair flutter away from my head.

But then nothing happened. And a few more months past and still nothing. Then one day I was in the shower and I looked down at the drain to see that it was so covered in hair, water was actually having trouble draining. Just like that, everyone's predictions came true and my hair was falling out by the fistful. I went to my previously made hair appointment and my hair dresser actually laughed at how much hair I had loss. "You've got a receeding hair line!" she joked, but then promised me that it would mostly grow back.

Fast forward four months and this is the shitty situation I have going on on my head:

Right down the whole length of my part I have a frizzy mohawk. Along my forehead hairline I have baby bangs and little fuzzy patches at each temple. It is not pretty. Last night I caught jparks staring at it instead of looking at me while we were talking. It truly sucks.

Whenever I complain about something pregnancy related jparks likes to ask me "Was Truman not worth it?" This usually shuts me right up because unfortunately, yes he was worth it. But dammit, did having him have to screw with my hair?


  1. I can seriously make you a wig with the amount of hair that's fallen out of my head recently. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

  2. 1) Every time I click on your blog from Google Reader, I get a virus warning. Something tied to your favicon.

    2) I'm laughing so hard at you noticing jparks staring at your hair and not you. "My eyes are down here, honey!"

  3. at least it's growing back! yay!
    Mine is starting to fall out by the handful, it's sad....

  4. Yep, and then mine all grew back in... GRAY AND WIRY!!!!

  5. My hair is like that NOW. SANS BABY.