Saturday, May 22, 2010

breakdowns and stupidity, they go hand in hand

Last night I had a bit of a breakdown. Actually that's a huge understatement, last night I had a breakdown of epic proportions. You see, this move? Not going as smoothly as I expected. In fact, if jparks and I are still married when we arrive in Austin, I will be amazed. Last Saturday, after the house was packed and emptied, the carpets were steamed, and the cleaners vacuumed out our drawers, a junk trunk came to haul away the leftover bits of trash. I told jparks that I might kill him, stuff him in a box, and have the junk guys haul him away and no one would ever know. I was only 25% joking. Who knew moving would be the ultimate test of a relationship?

As I type this all of our stuff is in an 18 wheeler barreling towards Texas. Next Saturday Truman, the cat, and I will be on a plane barreling towards Texas. And at some undetermined point in the future, jparks will load up our car with our remaining crap and Lily and barrel his way towards Texas. It all sounds so easy and tidy, but it really isn't. And last night we hadn't even made that much of a plan, which is what prompted the breakdown. Oh man, it was ugly.

Today I am fine. Mostly.

Enough about my breakdown, let me tell you a story all about my stupidity. On Monday I took the car in for service because whenever I turned the air up to high a squealing noise drowned out the radio. Of course, no amount of testing by the repair guy could produce the sound and they eventually called me to pick up the car because it was obviously fine. Later that day jparks was driving and I cranked the air up yet it was still hot. That's when I noticed that both passenger air vents were closed and the noise was from air squeezing through the closed vents. I had taken the car in because someone coughcoughjparkscough had shut the air vents and I never noticed. I'm certain the repair guy knew this but had no good way to tell me without making me feel like an idiot. At least now I can see the upside of this move, I never have to go back to that Volvo dealership.


  1. As we were moving AWAY from Texas, the rep from the shipping company told me that moving is one of the most stressful life events, after the death of a loved one or divorce. I told him ours was definitely going to lead to one and/or the other :-P

  2. Moving is a planned family emergency. Maybe if you're loaded and you can afford to hire someone to assist in or complete every step of the process (including child care) it's manageable. I don't know how many breakdowns I had while we were moving.

  3. Aaron just took his car in for the TIRE PRESSURE LIGHT. I tried to tell him how to fix it, ya know WITH AIR IN THE TIRES. But nope, he took it in. And he's a man, so its worse.

  4. Would you believe it if I told you that I've been having the same issue with my car? I told Bill that I need a new car and I AM GETTING ONE. So, I'll not tell him that it may just be that I've had the vents closed.

  5. We're likely moving late fall and all I can do is think about murdering my husband. Ha! I kid, I kid. I was being light and jolly. *ahemtotallyserious*

    We have a storage unit housing crap he won't get rid of and a shed also packed to the rafters. I refuse to move his junk one more time. REFUSE, I say! Every day I threaten to get a dumpster delivered to our house and start loading it up.

    Yes, I agree that moving is totally stressful. I know you'll get through it. Here's to air conditioning and rainbows and puppies on the other side.