Sunday, May 30, 2010

I stand by the fact that it's too hot in Texas for a beard

jparks: (pointing to People magazine) Look, Jack Johnson has a beard! This means I should have a beard too!

me: (flipping the page) Just because Jack Johnson has a beard does not mean you need a beard. Look, Sting doesn't have a beard and he can have sex for 14 hours straight. If there ever was a compelling case for not having a beard, it is Sting and his sex.

Wait, move your hand! Ha, it's a picture of Sting with a beard! I totally get to grow one now AND have sex for 14 hours! I win!



  1. Virginia has turned out to be hot and humid too, so I've compromised on mustache and goatee. Effects on endurance will have to go undocumented due to modesty. :-)

  2. Just let him try. I'd imagine with the heat and humidity, it wouldn't last long.

  3. When I was a little girl, my dad had a beard and then he shaved it and I didn't recognize him. Surely, this works in the opposite way, too. If he wants his son to recognize him, he must remain beard free.

  4. having to have sex for 14 hours straight seems like a punishment to me.