Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes, more about The Move

This move has hit levels of ridiculousness that I never knew existed:

  • We lost a couple of apartments because we weren't there in person and other people were with cash in hand.

  • The moving company cost more than I expected.

  • jparks has no one to drive from California to Texas with him

  • In my haste to pack clothes for our remaining time in California, I managed to pack two Frank tee shirts, a tank top (It's freezing here now), one long sleeved shirt, a killer pair of heels, and six sets of workout clothes for myself. Six fucking sets of workout clothes. This was supposed to last me at least two weeks.

  • I wanted to fly to Texas on Wednesday so I could see my sister graduate from boot camp, but all the flights on that day were stupid expensive

  • I finally found a complex I liked and, since it is brand new, they had lots of availability. I made it clear I needed to get the lease paperwork done as soon as humanly possible, yet the people kept delaying things. "I'm going on vacation and I'll write your lease up when I get back." After pointing out that I couldn't wait that long and forcing people to work late, it turns out it was pointless because...

  • Our stuff was supposed to arrive in Texas last Friday, then that got pushed to today, then to Thursday, and today when I called I was told our stuff hadn't even been loaded on a truck yet. Why? Because they were waiting on a destination address which they told me they would not need until the truck reached Austin.

  • When I called the moving company to complain to a customer service manager I was told he was out of the office. Last week when I asked to speak to him I was told he was on vacation and would call me when he got back on Friday. I do not believe he exists.

  • The apartment complex lost the check I expressed mailed them

  • Since jparks would kick the animals out of the car around the Arizona/New Mexico border I was going to fly with them. But it turns out United will only allow one animal in cargo per flight. Also, the charges for a cat in cargo are more than I paid for my plane ticket. A cat in cabin is cheaper, costing the same amount as my ticket, but there is no way I can make it through security with a baby and a cat. I mean, I could but after passing through security I would have to get drunk in the terminal to help me recover and then they wouldn't allow me on the plane. Someone told me they've used FedEx to ship animals so I'm checking into that tomorrow. Yes, FedEx.


    1. Of course the move. How could you be thinking of anything else?

      Tell jparks to man up and drive the fucking animals to Texas. You can't take a baby and animals on a flight. Jesus Christ.

    2. Dude. Your move has been so colossally bad, it's not even fair.

      And FedEx? Just use the flat-rate USPS boxes. :)

    3. Well, shit. Maybe you should look into moving to Portland instead. I'll make up my guest room for you guys.

    4. Reading this post just made we want to get drunk and pass out.

      And, yes, why the hell is it so cold here? Okay, I know that's the least of your problems right now, but still...

    5. I think you should get yourself something from here and park it in Frank's parking lot.

    6. Holy shit. That is a lot of bad news. This too will pass. You'll be OK soon.