Sunday, June 27, 2010

post move stress disorder

I have a confession: lately I have been so cranky that I'm almost finding myself unbearable. The thing is we've been in our new apartment since the first, with the except of a week vacation, and yet my living room is still full of boxes. And a motherfucking broken grill, which is really a whole other story. I honestly don't know how hoarders do it because 27 days living in a fortress of boxes is driving me out of my mind. The only good side of it is that having all these boxes staring me down has made me ruthless is my decluttering. I would tell you how many garbage bags and boxes of stuff I've taken to Goodwill, but it is honestly really embarrassing. I will tell you that the number has two digits, has required three trips, and is still growing.

After we went on vacation I realized that unpacking this mess would require more than I had to give, so I called for backup in the form of a professional organizer. Back when we started this process in California, I told jparks "I just can't do all of this. Can I have my mom come do it for me?" Being mean he said no and honestly, I am glad we didn't have my mom come, one because she probably would have come and played with Tru the whole time instead of packing and two, because if she had helped me back and unpack I bet she wouldn't have done as great of a job as the organizer. Not that we're done, because like I said, the living room is still all boxes but so far her and I have invested ten very solid hours each into making this place liveable. Here's a free tip from me to you that I paid to learn: If it takes two people five hours to unpack your clothes and arrange them by style and then color family, you have too much clothes. Actually I changed my mind, you now owe me $5 for that advice. I accept checks.

So far the kitchen, Tru's room, the master closet, and most of the master bedroom are complete. The only thing standing in my way for the rest of the house is the fact that we are lacking furniture for the living room, a desk for me, a kitchen table that fits, and a dresser for the master bedroom. Hahaha, IS THAT ALL? Dear god, I can't wait to go to West Elm on Tuesday and drop all of our savings on furniture that I don't necessarily love but can't go another day without. And why West Elm? Because they are across the street and offer free design consultations. Just bring in your house's measurements and they will tell you how to best fill it up. Hear that Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel? Free design services, you need to get on that.

Now you will all have to excuse me while I crawl back into the abyss that is my living room and see if I can find a cord to connect my camera to the computer or if the 1000 pictures of Truman from the past month will have to continue to live only on my sd card.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today we are flying home from Florida. Did I mention we're in Florida visiting my mom? You know, because we Parkses don't like to half ass anything. Why go halfway across the country when you could go all the way across? So we've been in Florida for the past week but now we're heading home to our still packed to the gills apartment. Also, still no internet or cable there. You should know that since arriving at my mom's I been firmly planted on the couch, remote in hand, laptop open and running. God, I missed you crappy reality tv and internet gossip.

In the past I know I've mentioned how much I hate flying but let me state again, I hate flying. As far as I'm concerned the only good part about flying is shopping at the airport. I love stocking up on magazines, snacks and drinks which for jparks is the worst part about flying. He bitches and moans whenever he sees me eyeing the stores in the terminal so my way around this is to stock up on mags before getting to the airport. This trip's haul is this:

Originally the Mental Floss wasn't in the mix but I figured after reading Us Weekly and In Touch I would need something to sharpen my mental edge a bit. Also, Runner's World is there because marathon training starts again this week. Good times!

Besides showing you my diverse taste in magazines, the only thing I have to offer is this picture of Tru:

Doesn't he look like his nickname should be Porker?