Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today we are flying home from Florida. Did I mention we're in Florida visiting my mom? You know, because we Parkses don't like to half ass anything. Why go halfway across the country when you could go all the way across? So we've been in Florida for the past week but now we're heading home to our still packed to the gills apartment. Also, still no internet or cable there. You should know that since arriving at my mom's I been firmly planted on the couch, remote in hand, laptop open and running. God, I missed you crappy reality tv and internet gossip.

In the past I know I've mentioned how much I hate flying but let me state again, I hate flying. As far as I'm concerned the only good part about flying is shopping at the airport. I love stocking up on magazines, snacks and drinks which for jparks is the worst part about flying. He bitches and moans whenever he sees me eyeing the stores in the terminal so my way around this is to stock up on mags before getting to the airport. This trip's haul is this:

Originally the Mental Floss wasn't in the mix but I figured after reading Us Weekly and In Touch I would need something to sharpen my mental edge a bit. Also, Runner's World is there because marathon training starts again this week. Good times!

Besides showing you my diverse taste in magazines, the only thing I have to offer is this picture of Tru:

Doesn't he look like his nickname should be Porker?


  1. Another marathon?! You are a bad-ass!

  2. If by Porker, you mean ADORABLE CHILD, then yes.

  3. Mental Floss falls neatly into the category of "things which I have a hard time distinguishing from satire." You know how there will occasionally be articles in the mainstream press that you find it difficult to believe did not come from The Onion? That magazine cover is like that.