Tuesday, July 20, 2010


  • I wake up with a blog post in my head but Truman is also awake and demanding to be fed.

  • And he would like his ass wiped.

  • Tru goes down for a 20 minute nap, perhaps now I can make that blog post?

  • Or I can scoop the litter box, flip the laundry, empty and refill the dishwasher, and try to squeeze in the world's shortest shower

  • Tru wakes up from the nap and demands food and for me to wipe his ass

  • I try and run to Target and Whole Foods

  • Once there I realize I forgot to brush my teeth

  • More ass wiping

  • Home in time to feed Truman and jparks

  • Tru gets a bath, bottle, more damn ass wiping, and bed

  • Sit down to maybe finally make the post only to have the computer confiscated by jparks for online gaming

  • Drag out the laptop, take it to the bedroom

  • Jparks comes in and wants my attention. "Poke, poke, what are you doing, can I be involved, don't you just looooove blogger?"

  • Not being able to concentrate on anything, I abandon the laptop to pay jparks attention and maybe try to clear off the counter.

  • Annoyed and frustrated, I go to bed thinking of that blog post that I never got to write.

  • I wake up with a blog post in my head but Truman is also awake and demanding to be fed.

  • You should all know that the more cycles I go through before posting, the crankier I get about it. It makes for good times here at the Parks' household.


    1. Honestly, I totally feel the same way just subtract the kid and add a job that takes up most of my day (but don't subtract the ass wiping). I'm constantly playing do-just-enough-to-keep-everything-from-failing but I fear the house will one day topple over. I can't imagine adding the care of another human being to my tasks. Well, another human being under the age of 36. :)

    2. My day is about the same, except I'm at work and wiping my own ass that much.

    3. It's like some kind of bizarre Zen koan about ass wiping... "The mind is like a monkey. An angry monkey, that has been stung by a hornet. Also it must wipe a baby's ass randomly, throughout the day. Thus, meditation requires the greatest strength. And so does posting."

    4. What is it about husband's and their damn "let's be annoying" radar?? I could be sitting at home with him, doing absolutely nothing, but THE MINUTE I grab the laptop he's all "We really need to spend more time together".