Tuesday, August 24, 2010

for the benefit of my skin and the detriment of everything else

Lately my face has been kind of emo. My pores are huge, my skin is dull, and the bags under my eyes are tote sized. I had tried all the drugstore creams, lotions, and potions but nothing was helping, so I broke out the big guns and made a facial appointment. Today I had that appointment and during it I was told the worst new ever.

"Wow, you have really weird skin. It's good but you've got some spots that feel odd. Nothing bad, just some patches that are off. Do you eat a lot of dairy?"

"Well, I take some milk with my iced coffee. But not much other than that."

"You drink coffee? How much a day?"

"I've had three today."

"Three eight ounce cups?"

"Um, no. More like three twelve ounce cups."

"You've had 36 ounces of coffee TODAY?"

"um, yes?"

"Well, there's your problem, cut out the coffee and your skin will clear up."

Okay, so it's not like I have skin cancer, which I guess would technically be the worst news ever, but no more coffee? Pretty fucking bad.

I live and die by iced coffee. I was happier than a pig in shit when I found out PJ's was selling a 32 ounce iced coffee during the summer. I had quite a few of them while we were in New Orleans for Tru's birthday.
32 ozs of iced coffee

On a normal morning I wake up and literally stumble into the kitchen pawing at the fridge to make myself a cup of iced coffee before I do anything else. I don't feel right until I've sucked down at least half a cup and I realize that makes me sound like I have an addiction and I don't care.

So that's the dilemma I'm facing, give up iced coffee and see if caffeine really causes that much damage to my skin (as well as a list of other body parts that she rattled off) or continue trucking along as if I don't know any better. Honestly I think the decision was made for me as we ran out of iced coffee today and I never had time to run to Whole Foods to restock. You might want to pray for jparks and Truman.

Ugh, this better work otherwise I'm going to be really pissed that I gave up coffee for nothing. And that I still have zits.


  1. Have you been drinking at least twice as much water as you have coffee? Maybe you just need to reduce the coffee a little and add a lot of water. Just a thought.

  2. I drink a fair amount of water, probably close to 8 glasses a day if we're counting caffeine free teas and the like. She suggested that might not be enough to cancel out all the caffeine, but upping that number might be a viable plan of attack.

  3. matcha green tea. it's powdered green tea leaf. i had honey (or sugar) and milk and it has totally saved my life. it's super delicious on ice.

    it's not coffee... this is true... but it's good. promise.

  4. what about chicory? which is rather hippy, but it might help?
    How was the facial otherwise? I love them, sigh.

  5. I keep a 1 L camelbak w/drinking straw right next to me during the day. It has made a huge difference in how much water I drink. I used to drink a ton of caffeine, too, but started getting fibroids. Had to cut back on the coffee AND increase water above 64 oz. That's a LOT of liquid no matter how you look at it.

    I hope that you get it worked out. Good luck!

  6. I have a coffee first thing in the morning and as long as I have that one blessed drink (I am not going to say cup because it's more than that) I can get by without more during the day.

    If I don't have it first thing? I am apt to have a couple more during the day. I totally feel you.

  7. Maybe cut down the amount of coffee? And drink more water? There's no way you could cut it out completely. Let's be realistic.

  8. I think going cold-turkey on anything like that can only be successfully accomplished by a week at a spa retreat. Otherwise, I'm with the other folks here, and would recommend just cutting back to say, 16 oz of coffee a day? Maybe some of your afternoon iced coffee can be decaf? or half-caf until you can manage decaf?

  9. Oh great. Now I'm craving an iced coffee...

  10. So far I've cut down, but not fully eliminated coffee. I have one cup in the morning and I am embracing everyone's green tea recs. Also, caffeine free iced teas (no sugar added) are really helping me during the day.

  11. Granted, I only have a venti iced every day or so, but I found switching to soy milke really helped my skin. It honestly could be the dairy...it's worth checking out.

  12. How about you find a new facilist? That one sounds like a bitch....or maybe I just need some coffee...

    I don't like it when people tell you to quit doing things that aren't that bad. I mean, are you rubbing your face with the beans? I'd be more worried about it screwing with my teeth and breath rather than what it'd doing to my face, but I'm selectively shallow like that.