Sunday, September 19, 2010

could I be more whiney about something this ridiculous?

The other day I mentioned on twitter that I had been rejected from a playgroup:
Picture 23

What I didn't mention on there was that a few days later I got rejected from another playgroup. I have managed to join one playgroup that didn't have an application that I can blow but the playdate I attended was filled with babies all six or more months younger than Truman. All the other moms happily sat in the shade of the park holding bottles and chatting about how their tiny non-moving babies could still go to movie theatres and sleep through the movie or they could take the baby to dinner and the child would gladly sleep in his car seat the whole meal. I spent the whole playdate chasing Tru through the park while he shoved a sub sandwich into his mouth and I occasionally got close enough to the other moms to shout a hello in their direction.

I hate to be all mommyblogger on you, but lately I'm feeling like less of a person and more of a mom than I have since Truman was born. In California I was able to incorporate motherhood into my life thanks to friends that loved Tru and didn't mind him tagging along for lunch or shopping trip as well as a mother's group that allowed me to hang out with other women that were dealing with the same sort of things I was. Here in Austin, we have some friends with babies but we don't see them nearly as often as I saw my previous mother's group. I'm learning how quickly you can lose your mind when all you have to talk to for 9 hours a day is a little person that can't answer you. I'm unfortunately becoming that person that talks way too much to the cashiers at the mall.

I don't really know where this pity party is going but I feel much better having it all out there. I've been rolling the idea of finding a part time job around in my head for the past few weeks because that would guarantee me opportunities to interact with other adults but I don't think that's really the best solution. I think Truman needs to hang out with other kids as much as I need to hang out with adults so we're going to start hitting the playgroups hard to see if we can find one that won't kick us out before they even get a chance to harshly judge us. Wish us luck.


  1. That really sucks. Keep trying, you'll find some other great moms out there. I know it's really frustrating when it takes a while. Don't you wish you could just carry a sign that says "I'm really a nice person and you and your kid would love to hang out with us. I promise!"...

  2. wtf, really? How does a playgroup reject you? I thought the requirement for being in a playgroup was having a kid the same age as a bunch of other people's kids? For fuck's sake. And people wonder why being a SAHM is hard.

    I kind of like Linda's idea of a sign.

  3. Let's get something out of the way first. Any group that wouldn't have you for a member is obviously a crock of shit and doesn't deserve you. You are awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    Second, I know all about being the one with the crazy (older) kid in the midst of all the calm mommies and lovely motionless babies. It makes you feel crazy!

    I'm sorry you've been having a tough time finding a moms group. Moving to a new place and making new friends is hard enough. Trying to making friends while chasing after a kid seems impossible, but it's not. It just takes time.

    Have you tried any classes with Tru? I met my very, very best mommy friend at Gymboree. Well, not AT Gymboree. I almost hit her with my car outside in the parking lot. It's been love ever since. Best of luck!

  4. Awww Regan, we miss you! We were just reminiscing the other day about how we all used to hang out at Specialty's and leisurely enjoy our coffee while the babies slept in their strollers. My how times have changed! I seem to be crazily chasing as well as all the other kids play nice.

    Since when do playgroups decline people? And two? Are they full? Very bizarre if you ask me.

    I definitely recommend taking a class with Tru. You'll get to see the same people each week and hopefully make up your own posse that way.

  5. Wow. Applications for a playgroup? How lame. F-them is what I say. I'm nervous about our impending move and having to find new moms/babies to hang with. I know how much work it can be, and in the mean time you're stuck being a one-mama show for Truman. I agree with the other posts that joining a class might be a good way to start. And I'm sure you've been frequenting parks and stuff. It only takes one contact to get into a nice group of people, so just focus on that. I still can't believe that you guys got denied from a playgroup. Do you have email addresses for these snobby woman? Forget the high road - spam the hell out of them. :P

  6. Wow, this makes me rethink having kids. How can you get denied?

    There has to be a group out there for you! I promise! Because you're awesome and you have the cutest child ever!

  7. I got nothing. All I can offer you is booze, which I'm slowing discovering is NOT the answer for everything. Most things. But not everything.