Friday, September 24, 2010

it was a good day

You guys, today was such a good day.

After hearing my whines about getting the boot from various playgroups, the lovely Natalie suggested, probably jokingly, that we should get together for our kids to play. And you can safely assume that I jumped on that offer immediately so she wouldn't have time to change her mind. We met this morning at the Children's Museum and despite the fact that Truman stole her adorable child's goldfish crackers and regularly threw himself down on the ground in a heap of tears and screams, we had a good time. We played, we ate grilled cheese, and then we parted with talk of doing this again. Holy crap, I hope we do. Adult conversations! I have missed you! And she likes sweet tea vodka! I'm totally peeing from excitement.

Then, as if an excellent morning wasn't enough, another friend called and suggested we head to a nearby park for a late afternoon playdate. We wandered around the playground talking, Truman found a renegade potato masher, I got a diet coke the size of a bath tub, and we rode the train. The best part was that not only was I all happily dosed up with adult company but Truman really had a great time too and was exhausted by the end.

I hope it doesn't sound too stalker-ish, but these two woman will likely never be able to shake me now because the adult conversations were just so nice. Does it make me more tolerable if I bring snacks to the playdates because I am not above bribing people for friendships.

Unrelated to anything else in this post, recently I have noticed that all my shirts have tiny holes in them right in the same place. 1285374260305The holes are located along the lower edge of my shirts on the front and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing them. I thought maybe the cat was to blame but I didn't pick her up today and yet there are the holes. I am honestly baffled by the mystery of my holey shirts and I would also very much like it to stop. Today's shirt was one of my favorites, dammit.

*earlier today I heard Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day on 90s on 9 and I thought "Yes, Ice Cube you are so right, it was a good day! Today I didn't even have to use my A.K. either!"


  1. I have similarly placed teeny holes in some of my shirts and I believe it's because I pull them down so much and it stretches them, and the holes show up where I grab my shirt. =\ It's almost a nervous habit of mine. However this is probably completely unrelated to your holes haha.

  2. I have given great consideration to the holes problem since I also get them. I'm pretty sure that they happen right around where I button my jeans and I think that they come from the shirt rubbing against the reinforced seams/fabric at that spot. Add to that that's about the same spot as I'd lean against counter and sinks and seat belts and I think you've got a constant strain on the fabric at that spot.

    I know, seriously, if I thought about other things this much I'd probably be able to cure cancer or something more useful.

  3. I'm with Mary-Lynn. I get small holes right where my belt or button rub against my computer desk.

    I used to have a purse that snagged my shirts, too. Could it be where you wear your bag?

  4. Yay for fun play dates!

    I'm with the commenters above, it could be a purse or something you're constantly bumping into?

  5. It was so fun... and now we can put Home Slice on the agenda for next time! I'll bring the goldfish.

  6. So happy to hear about the playdates! Yay!

    Regarding tee-shirts: is it possible that the way you carry Truman is pulling on your shirts? Or that some velcro on his shoes is snagging them? I have also noticed that my JCrew shirts tend to get holes much faster than any others.

  7. Not to be gross, but are you sure the holes aren't cause by bugs? I am surprised, daily, by all the creatures that reside in Austin.

  8. I am sooooo late but somebody help I have the same tiny holes on my shirts in the exact same place. At first I thought bugs but its only in the front never in the back a bug can't be that smart. Then I thought body lice....geesh I don't know but I'm tired of it all of my new cotton tees and tanks.