Thursday, September 2, 2010

second verse same as the first

So you guys are awesome. Did you know that? I knew posting that last thing could lead to some nasty comments about me but I posted anyway and you guys were so supportive, informative, and kind. Thanks so much for that.

I decided that you were all right and I should get over the fact that he was smoking. We all have vices, I love a beer after a hard day and is that really so different than a cigarette after losing your legs and more? Actually it's totally different and hell, a beer after dealing with a toddler seems a lot worse than what he's doing. So I figured the next time I drove through his intersection I was going to hand him a few dollars. But when I passed today he wasn't there.

See, the thing I didn't mention before was that I knew if I gave him money I would worry. Not just about how he spent the money but about him. I would worry if he wasn't on the corner one morning. Would that mean that maybe he's improving his situation and no longer panhandling or had something awful happened to him? What if he's sick and can't find medical help? What if, what if, what if. I can't help it.

So today I drove through that intersection and he wasn't there. I turned the corner and looked for him on one of the other sides but he was no where. And now I'm left wondering.

I guess until he's back or gone forever I'll be donating some money to a charity and I'll be hoping for the best for him.


  1. If he's a vet, let's hope he went to the VA. Or he made it to ARCH--that big homeless shelter downtown.

    Or he's gone and opened his own cigarette company with all the money he's collected over the years!

  2. I think they generally have a rotation of corners, don't they? I know that I see different people every now and then near my office and they usually come back.

    All you can do is hope for the best for him.