Sunday, October 17, 2010

getting my nerd on

Is it well known that I am a total literature nerd? Because I am. Like huge. I was, for a few semesters, an English major in college and I would have gladly continued to take discussion classes for years because they are just so much fun. I honestly can't tell you how many times my advisor tried to persuade me to not sign up for another specialized English discussion class because it served no purpose in helping me graduate. Since UT looks down on random, non-tuition paying people sitting in on classes, I have to get my literature fixes in other places and this weekend I did this at the Texas Book Festival.

I won't drag you through the details of all the discussions I attended but a few highlights included The Literary Death Match and Tony DiTerlizzi's discussion of his writing and art work process. I know it probably seems like something that only nerdy English majors, middle school teachers wearing holiday vests, and people in the publishing industry would attend, but if your state has a book festival I really urge you to go. Not only will you get to hear and talk to some amazing writers, but you'll be allowed to wander around your state capital building without a tour guide chatting in your ear. (Although it should be noted that I have no clue what the rules are for visiting capital buildings on normal days. I assume it's typically under lock and key, but I've been wrong before*)

See, totally empty hallway located somewhere below the state capital that I was able to wander through:

You get to sit in the senate chamber and listen to people read from their books and answer audience questions. Justin Cronin author of The Passage:

Alton Brown; he really had the fan boys out in full force:
Alton Brown!

Is it totally nerdy that I'm looking forward to next year's already? I am so going to plan better so I can hit more signings since I skipped quite a few in order to attend more discussions.

*I was wrong one time and it was about dental cleanings. Jparks went through my calender to prove to me that I am in fact crazy and my old dentist made me go in every six months. It's amazing how that first year of having a child is a giant blur because I swear I didn't see the dentist when Tru was wee.


  1. We have one in Chicago in the summer. Which sucks because it is usually a million degrees out, and the book fair is outdoors.

    Also, I was in Youth in Government in high school and we got to take over the capitol for a weekend and got to pretend to be Senators and Representatives for a few days and sit in the cushy chairs.

  2. I believe the Capital building is open most days. I know that Adam and I have gone on a random weekday and done a self tour.

  3. I volunteered at it last year in the book signing booth. Got to meet Jeanette Wells, Jonathan Safron Foer, and Barbara Ehrenrich (sp?). It was very book celebrity swooning and I spent WAY too much money on books. I'm not sure how I missed it this year... oh, yeah, because I live east of bum eff no where!

  4. I've wandered around the Capitol building on a self-tour (did you know that it's taller than the one in DC?) so I'm pretty sure you and Truman can go back any time you want. But the book event sounds fabulous - what a great place to hold it!

  5. I have a signed copy of The Spider and the Fly by Tony which I adore. It sounds like an amazing experience!