Wednesday, October 20, 2010

learn from me

If you have a kid and you're purchasing something that comes with an optional warranty, buy the warranty! Don't think, foolishly, "I'll just keep it out of his reach" because you won't. Don't think "I'll teach him to leave my stuff alone" because you can't. Just buy the damn warranty. Seriously.

Broken toy with no warranty:

New toy that does have a warranty:

Yup, lesson learned.


  1. Thst's a strange coincidence. One of our Kindles broke similarly just the other night. My guess is that it was flexed too much due to a clip-on light inside the cover. Good excuse for a new Kindle, at any rate.

  2. Regan, you shouldn't blame things on your child just because you wanted a new Kindle.

  3. Is he the one who broke your car, too?

  4. Insert "husband who is a kid" for "kid" above, and "kindle" with "three different blackberries" and a pattern starts to emerge. Perhaps it's not the age, but the gender? :)