Wednesday, November 17, 2010

at least the day's almost over

Thank you for your answers on my last post! It's good to know that I can now stop making myself feel guilty for not leaving a reply to you in my comments. I was really beating myself up over this if you want to now the truth.

Today has been kind of a crappy day complete with a child that refused to nap, then when he finally went down I laid on the couch only to get puked on by the dog.

I believe this about sums up my feelings regarding today:
Yes son, it is a face plant while screaming kind of day.


  1. Tru would like to remind you of his kitchen table nap.

  2. So, getting puked on by a dog has to be worse than a kid puking on you, yes?

    I've been puked on by babies and the thought of a dog or cat barfing on me almost makes me vomit myself.

  3. Yes. I can handle dog or cat poop but vomit makes me nearly vomit. I usually have to run from the room and hide until jparks cleans it up.

    I had to advert my eyes and blindly clean up my arm today.

  4. i am going to save this photo and use it to respond to ridiculous work emails henceforth. thank you, tru.