Sunday, November 21, 2010

home goods

While we were running the Warrior Dash yesterday a very nice friend was watching Tru for us. I guess a normal parent would have been worried about leaving their child with someone new and then driving 45 minutes away to an area with no cell phone coverage but my real concern was that Jenn would see our apartment.

When we first moved in and needed almost all new furniture I was gung-ho about getting this apartment turned into a home. We bought our dream couch, a media center that almost drove jparks crazy while building it, and my lovely desk. And then I was just kind of done. A few months after that my mom came to visit and so I finally got jparks to hang some art on the walls. And then again, I was just kind of done.

I guess it took a few months for the shine to wear off the apartment but it has and I am so over it. Between the late night fire alarms, the people smoking on balconies, and drunks yelling in the halls every weekend I'm seeing apartment living for what it really is; a giant pain in the ass. Our lease ends in May and while we don't plan on buying, we do plan on finding a house to rent.

Of course, this means our apartment is a bit under decorated and not quite how I want people to imagine I live. The media center is overrun with random magazines, cd cases (hi, welcome to our apartment where it is still 1996), and stacks of clean clothes. Our walls are half full with really random blank spots (Tru's room has two of three in a series of rockets hung. The middle picture is missing.) I don't even want to discuss the master bedroom where the overall theme seems to be "children's trike and fire proof safe."

I'm normally very "sure, come over anytime" but I guess that won't be happening for another six months or so unless you swear to not judge the apartment. Or unless I really, desperately need a babysitter. Then all bets are off, judge away just keep one eye on my child while you do it.

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  1. Are you kidding me? I was way too paranoid about (a) there being a nanny cam (b)trying to explain to JParks that I do, in fact, KNOW you and you didn't find me on craigslist (c) Tru smelling my fear; to even worry about your place. Have you SEEN your view??