Thursday, November 11, 2010

I went shopping!

Tonight I went to a Sephora Beauty Insider event and I swear at some point Sephora was a respectable store, but now it's, ugh, a different beast all together. Now they sell crap like this:
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I'm sure those go on clear so why make them look like a melted icee and the ooze that mutated the turtles into Teenage Ninjas? I am old and I don't understand!

And while I might be too old to understand the appeal of those lip glosses, I am not too old to think this sample is actually sperm:
Very Precious Fluid = Sperm.

I'm sorry, but if you buy this crap I have the right to steal your wallet because you can not be trusted with it:

The thing that really pushed me over the edge was this:
I thought "How odd, a rubber duck" and then I picked it up.
You guys, Sephora sells vibrators! I Rub My Duckie vibrators! Even the salesgirl we were harassing about it couldn't explain what the hell is up with this. I just can't imagine that anyone in need of a vibrator will be looking for one at Sephora.

I miss old Sephora where the most scandalous products were the glitter eyeliners, not jewel stickers that could only be meant to bedazzle your vagina:


  1. WOW. There are no words.

    Also, I think, according to that one Kathy Griffin episode, the correct term is vajazzled.

  2. I went to Sephora this past weekend and holy crap, I couldn't agree with you more. WTF.

  3. Still not over the duck - it would probably make a great gift for a white elephant party!

    Had a great time - thanks for making it so much fun!