Sunday, November 7, 2010

in sickness but not much health

In October jparks went to California and while he was gone I got sick. Nothing big, just a few times puking and some tiredness but I was back to normal pretty quickly. He returned home and a few days later came down with a stomach flu that took him out for a solid week. Then a week later he was dying again from another round of the stomach flu. It's a safe assumption that I called him a delicate flower for dying from something that I recovered from in less than a day.

Well, fucking joke's on me as I'm now dying from the stomach flu. My theory is that I had a mild version of it, but then it mutated in his man-monkey body into something awful. I've been feeling like crap and unable to keep anything down since last night. I've spent all day in bed watching crap movies:
step up 2 the streets
In fact, I'm not sure if the puking was really related to a bug or the awful viewing choices I was making.

Wish us luck for the rest of the week because it appears now we're just passing the germs back and forth. Let's hope Truman stays out of this loop.

Now please excuse me as netflix instant queue is calling.

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