Tuesday, November 2, 2010

lather, rinse, get off

I know that when I put pictures on flickr I'm opening my life up to all kinds of weirdos. You can look at my blocked user list to see that I have no problem blocking a shoe fetish person faster than they can get off over a pair of high heels. It's become par for the course to upload a shoe picture and end up blocking someone within the first day of it being on there for starring, so it was surprising but not earth shattering when at least ten someones starred a picture of me in my rain boots. In fact, some many people starred that picture that I had to make it friends and family only because I'm pretty sure it got linked to on a fetish page. But like I said, not earth shattering.

Also, rain boots? Really? I never would have thought those were the sexiest shoes I own.


Today I logged into flickr and noticed someone starred an older picture from my stream of me post lime cat hair cut. Anytime someone stars an older picture of mine I click through to their profile to dig a bit and make sure they aren't a freak. Since this was a post haircut picture I thought maybe this person was just stupid and going to get that same awful cut I subjected my head to. Wrong! It turns out the person appears to have a hair stylist/hair cutting fetish. Folks, I am not a sheltered person and yet this shocked me.

Can you imagine being the hair stylist to this person? Do you think he (or she, I can't tell from the profile) creeps the stylist out at their appointments? Or maybe he is like "No, I really need to come back in two weeks for a trim! My hair just grows so fast! And next time could you really rub hard during the shampoo?" To each their own, but ugh.

Flickr, you will never cease to amaze me.


  1. Better than the pregnant fetishists. There's a picture of my cousin Laura and I from when we were both pregnant. We're standing back to back and I get so many "favorites" of that picture by weirdos. Blech.

  2. Yeah, I got scared when someone favorited a photo of my niece when she was sitting very unladylike in a dress and tights. PERVS.