Tuesday, November 9, 2010

laundry! It's really not exciting.

The other night when I got sick, I just couldn't stand to be in the bed anymore so I moved to the couch where I could watch some Daily Show while I died from jparks' monkey disease. The only problem is that the couch looked like this:
Dear laundry,
Okay, so that picture is a month old but my couch still looks exactly like that but with fresher laundry.

I'm not sure how much laundry a family of three usually produces but I feel like us Parkses definitely excel at this task. We average two loads a day and holy hell, that can't be normal.

I wish I were better about putting away the laundry so I could actually enjoy the couch but it's just not happening. When we were in California I was a little better about it since we had a tv in our bedroom and tv will motivate me to do just about anything. Smear zombie guts all over myself? Can I watch Gossip Girl while I do it? Then yes, sign me up! Mental note: next move be sure to measure bedroom for tv capabilities.

So our two daily loads end up in a pile on the couch and sit there until Tuesdays when I do a mad dash of a pre-clean because the real cleaners come on Wednesdays. And even then the cleaners still eye my slightly downsized pile and ask if they should just clean around it. Yes, just scoot my large pile of shame to one side please!

When I relocated to the couch early Sunday morning I burrowed under the clean clothes and settled in to watch the Daily Show. I was in no way comfortable yet I have made no extra effort to clear the couch this week. The only solution seems to be to make less laundry but I see no way to do that unless we become nudists. I wonder if the cost of sending all our clothes to a wash and fold laundromat would be cheaper than Tru's future therapy bills for having nudist parents. Probably. I think my decision has been made.

For the record, I think I whine about laundry at least once every year. It's a tradition! Yes, you are experiencing deja vue!


  1. Definitely go to the wash and fold for sheets, towels and any other random house linens. Find one that is one the way to /from a park or coffee shop you frequent. Throw jparks tee shirts and anything you don't mind shrinking, or that is pre-shrunk (like sweats) into that mix. Sometimes it's just worth throwing money at the problem to make it go away.

  2. You know what you need? You need some of the white pants that blonde girl's sister was wearing in the last episode of The Walking Dead. SERIOUSLY, who is living in a camp on the run from zombies wearing pristine white pants? Apparently, I can suspend my disbelief only so far and white pants is past the limit, AMC.

    I also hate (putting away) laundry. Luckily our laundry room is GIGANTIC and I have many, many baskets for clean laundry to languish in until it is needed.