Friday, November 12, 2010

little debbie memories

Today I went to Target and while that is nothing special on it's own, the fact that I found an endcap covered in Little Debbie holiday snack cakes there is very, very special.

Growing up we lived with my grandparents and there were always Little Debbie snack cakes in the house. I'm fairly certain that from five years old to ten I ate some variety of a Little Debbie every night after dinner. I remember always having Fudge Rounds and Swiss Rolls around but my favorite was the Jelly Creme Pie and I even had a specific way of eating it. I nibbled the edges until I got to the jelly in the center and then I ate that in one bite. Then I probably started this process again with another one because everyone knows Little Debbie snacks can not be consumed one at a time.

I have always been on the lookout for the Jelly Creme Pies and even though Little Debbie still has them listed on their site, I really do not believe they exist anymore. Look, no pies within 50 miles of my zip code!
Picture 41

That's what made the holiday endcap at Target so special, it contained a close replica of my pie. I ended up buying three boxes of snacks because the idea of sharing them with Tru just made me so excited.

Yeah, I opened the cherry cordials before I even got home. Don't look at me like that, I couldn't help myself.

Jparks ate some of the holiday snack cakes:

And I dove into another cherry cordial:

I know these aren't the prettiest desserts you'll find but for me it's not about looks, it's about the feeling that comes with eating them. This is also why I only routinely buy Oatmeal Creme Pies as I have no childhood fondness for those, although the same cannot be said for jparks. It would not be an exaggeration to say he can eat a box in one night. I guess we're all weak when faced with childhood memories.


  1. Star Crunch and Christmas Tree cakes!

    Dammit gluten, you ruin everything.

  2. Omg I could eat a whole box of those holiday snack cakes right now. And yes, yes, yes, the infamous Star Crunch! No childhood is complete without them!

  3. My husband's desserts are usually 100% comprised of Little Debbie snacks. I'm so happy I can keep them in the house without eating them myself, but damn - those wreaths look like they are right up my alley. Yum.

    He microwaves his honey buns for 15 seconds and that damn icing is like super-glue on our plates!

    Oh, and the buddy bars (is that the right name?) I love for those!