Friday, November 19, 2010

my wishlist

The other day I tweeted this:
Picture 21
I got many "Yes!" responses from fellow parents because seriously once you become a mom, no one gives half a crap about what you want as a Christmas gift anymore. And while I might bitch and moan about this, I guess I'm okay with it. I mean, Truman really does like all the gifts and attention. Plus new toys for him means he'll be distracted and I can maybe pee all alone. Or brush my teeth for the full two minutes. I am drunk off the possibilities!

But if someone were to ask what I want for Christmas, these are probably the things I would tell them:

  • An Epiphanie Ginger camera bag in black. I bought a Kelly Moore camera bag last year and while I love it, it's showing some wear and tear. I made the mistake of buying it in grey and my jeans have rubbed the back half the bag dark blue. I've also always found it to be a hair too small. This time I'm going bigger and black. (heh!)

  • A Kindle cover with built in light. When I replaced my Kindle I opted for the warranty over a cover and now having my kindle bop around unprotected in my purse is making me nervous.

  • Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast. I am trying so hard to cook at home without relying on preseasoned meats from Central Market. This would help.

  • Gunn's Golden Rules. Why would you not want Tim Gunn's life lessons?

  • Abobe Lightroom 3. I've had Photoshop for a few years now and I like it but after a free trial of Lightroom I think my loyalties have switched.

  • Jonathan Adler ornaments. Please, please, please promise me that if you're going to an ornament exchange this year you will bring one of these. Specifically the squirrel, elephant, or weiner dog.
  • Frank gift certificates. Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" quite like pork.

  • Someone to watch Tru for three or four days so we can go on vacation. I'm not sure what store you can buy this in but keep looking, I'm sure it's out there.


    1. i'm with you. i just got an epiphanie belle (that bitch is HUGE but at least it holds everything i own!) and i also covet a kindle cover. LR3 is awesome too.

      i'll take tru. ship him my way. but in return, you have to take my three. heh.

    2. For Christmas I think we get to go to Frank for lunch or dinner without our children. Let's do it.

    3. I think I've quit Twitter, so I missed your tweet. This year my in-laws have decided that they won't give us gifts but will only give gifts to our kids and to needy kids. I mean, how can I be all SCREW those needy kids, I want gifts too? Bah humbug.