Monday, November 1, 2010

November! Finally!

Can I get an amen for Halloween being over? No? I'm the only feeling like that?

For months I have had the best Halloween costume picked out and for months I have been rattling off how awesome it was to jparks because I just knew it would be. Then this last week hit and the onslaught of Halloween related activities started and I was just so over it. Were we in November yet? Could I start dreaming of turkey and cranberry sauce or did I still need to think about pumpkins? Could I pack away Tru's costume and move onto thinking about his outfit for holiday pictures?

Our Halloween started with a fire in our apartment building at 4am. No one was hurt and there was little to no damage which leads to me to believe there was really just a lot of smoke and the actual fire was just some drunk college kid trying to make a late night snack. The leasing office has provided no details about what actually happened other than to say it wasn't a drill, so all I can do is speculate. The only upside to being stuck outside for an hour with a sick husband, a pissed off baby, and an angry dog was you could totally tell who didn't live in our building and had ended up here as a Halloween booty call. Lots of girls dressed in slutty costumed that were hastily thrown back on. Also girls dressed in bed sheets. Classy!

The thing that was the most upsetting to me was that in our haste to leave the apartment I threw on my slippers which are actually crocs. I know, I know. But normally they never leave my apartment. Once outside I realized that if our building burned down all I would be left with is a pair of pink crocs so next time I'm heading out in my pajamas and a pair of Louboutins. Maybe jparks can remember to grab the Apple Time Machine so we don't lose our hard drives. That should cover all our essentials: shoes and pictures.

That night Tru and I headed over to a friend's house to watch trick-or-treaters and help hand out candy. The kid was freaking adorable in his dragon outfit:
Happy Halloween!
And here he is ditiching me to go chase down a girl. Jparks' DNA is strong in him:

Overall, even with me skipping my costume and wishing it to be over, we had fun. Now it's time to start obsessing about Thanksgiving and Christmas only to have a change of heart a week before each and wish it were January.


  1. What a terrible blog post title.

  2. I want to put Tru in my pocket. Also, I could actually skip right over Thanksgiving and move along to Christmas, so I'm right there with you.

  3. Well, at least your avoided the Unfortunate Crotch Situation.

  4. I'm dying laughing at the booty call chicks in the parking lot when the fire alarm went off. THAT IS AWESOME!

    Also, your kid is the cutest kid on the planet. The end.

  5. TRU WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE??? I know you can forgive me for the caps. Totally necessary.

    And Rhi makes a good point. Silver linings, Regan. Silver linings.