Saturday, November 13, 2010

pick a pair to wear

Tonight jparks and I went out (does "date night" grate on anyone else or is that just a me thing?) and over dinner this conversation happened.

me (heavy on the sarcasm): Would it make your life easier if I sewed labels into all your clothes with letters? Then you could match "A" tops to "A" pants and "B" sweaters to "B" shirts?

jparks: Yes! That would actually be amazing and I wouldn't be so pissed off in the mornings anymore! I could easily grab items and know they work with each other!

You guys, he wants Garanimals for adults! And I don't honestly know what's more pathetic, the fact that he wants this or that I'm honestly considering doing it for him. Or maybe I could make him one of those outfit maker programs like Cher has on Clueless.

I dare you to watch that trailer and not want to watch Clueless immediately.


  1. I don't understand. Don't guys clothes only come in four colors anyway.

    And you're right, I off to find my copy of Clueless.

  2. Clueless is on HBO On Demand right now. I've been watching snippets of it all week.

  3. I actually told my old boss that he looks like he wears Granimals for adults once - everybody laughed, but I'm pretty sure he held it against me for years.

  4. Heading to watch Clueless immediately.

  5. I think I should host a Clueless viewing party.