Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today was full of ridiculousness

First we tried to go to the Gypsy Picnic but the lines for each food truck were two hours long. Two hours! For food you can literally get every other day for less than a 10 minute wait. No, I don't understand either. We walked in and then turned right around and walked out.

While walking home we stumbled upon a dog street festival celebrating the architecture of dog houses. I know. Yet it was much better than the Gypsy Picnic. Also there were lots of dogs wearing sweaters, which I later learned was because they was a dog fashion contest.

Later, after Truman's nap, we took him for a bike ride and jparks announced "I would like pie!" I suggested we head to Quack's so we set off on a quest for pie. Jparks ended up with honey maple pecan pie and I ended up with a glass of prosecco and a cookie shaped like a pig wearing a plaid shirt. I just love their decorated cookies so damn much.
And because I can't ever just buy one thing there, I have a spice cupcake with maple icing for tomorrow.
spice cupcake

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