Tuesday, January 11, 2011

31 on 1.11.11

In case facebook didn't tell you, it's my birthday! I'm 31 on 1.11.11 and while I'm usually very squeamish about odd numbers, today I am making an exception.

(As an aside, I'm not much of a facebook user but I love getting birthday wishes there. It makes me feel special even though I know 100% of the wishers only know it's my birthday because the side bar told them so. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg!)

Over the weekend jparks and I tried to go out to celebrate my birthday. I hired a sitter and bought us tickets at the fancy theatre to see Black Swan. We got there, checked in, took our seats, ordered drinks, and then found out that our tickets were actually for Sunday night. Sad trombone. Today I thought I might take myself out on a day date to see Black Swan but by the time the show time rolled around I was feeling pretty lazy and decided instead I'm better off sitting my ass on the couch and watch all the assorted crap on the dvr that jparks hates. I'm sure choosing The Craigslist Killer over Black Swan won't come back to bite my ass at Oscar time.

Besides the riveting Lifetime movie matinee, I went for an ultrasound today where I got exactly one crappy print out picture and four large vials of blood taken by a rejected member of the Jersey Shore. After harshly judging him for his highly gelled hair and spray tan I have to admit he was one of the best blood takers I've ever had. Those Jersey Shore men are good for something besides shilling crappy diet supplements and spreading V.D. across America after all!

Now I'm capping off this stellar day by alternating between barfing up fried pickle and sparkling water and watching Teen Mom 2. Welcome to 31 self!

Here's me and my birthday 40 before I realized how bad sparkling water is to throw up. I party hard, yo
Photo 130


  1. WooHoo! Happy Birthday, Regan!

  2. Happy B-day, Regan! I never realized that you and my husband share the same birthday, at least legally. Long story short, the US recorded my husband's b-day incorrectly & it's listed as 1/11 instead of 11/11. I'm anxiously awaiting his legit b-day this year, 11/11/11. ; ) Best wishes on your special day!

  3. so glad you were born! maybe by the time you're 31 & 1/4 you'll have stopped horking? (fingers crossed!)

  4. Happy birthday!

    Also, there are worse things to be puking up. Fried pickles and sparkling water... well, never mind, the sparkling water was probably unpleasant. At least your sinuses should be refreshed!

  5. We can go see Black Swan this weekend, if you want!

  6. Again, happy belated birthday! I'm sorry that sparkling water hurts so much - and I hope you can keep down fried chicken? By the way, love the word "horking" that Dots used - haven't heard that in ages. I might have to bring it back a la "fetch."