Saturday, February 12, 2011

had to get away

Tomorrow I board a plane with Truman and jparks and head to Orlando for a week at Universal Studios. Obviously at some point I thought this vacation was a good idea, but that was before I was pregnant and we had to find a house and move into it just over a month. In other words, I'm fairly certain this vacation will kill me. Also, since I am SMRT I'm currently watching My Big Redneck Wedding instead of packing. Mostly because I have no idea what to pack when the only thing that fits right now are two pairs of jeans and I'm not sure if jeans at a theme park in Florida are a dumb idea. Obviously it's February and probably not too hot but it still seems counterintuitive to wear them.

While I might not feel too excited about the trip right at this moment, a week ago I was ready to get the hell out of Austin. We were in the midst of some crazy winter weather and while cold doesn't phase me in the slightest, going to bed to not know if we would have rolling blackouts or if the roads would be iced over and the city shut down in the morning was driving me crazy. Of course now that it's time for us to head to warmer weather, Austin has become beautiful and we were able to venture outside for lunch at a trailer.
lulu b's
Lamb spring rolls and barbecue pork banh mis were had and were delicious. But then jparks decided to open a beer and my mood shifted. I was already a bit tired and cranky and there he sat, unintentionally taunting me with my favorite beer that won't be available once I pop this kid out. I really wanted to rip the bottle from his hand.
abita strawberry lager
Oh Strawberry Lager, please come to me.

Instead I had a cup of strawberry jello. It was not nearly as satisfying.
Photo on 2011-02-12 at 21.01 #6

And to bring this back full circle, if you have any advice on making my way through the theme park with Truman, please offer it up. I went ahead and bought him a kid leash because that's been the one thing I said I would never buy and I guess you're not really a parent until you cross your uncrossable line. Any tips on what to bring into the park with us? Things to avoid? Things to not miss?

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  1. Don't try to do it all. Pace yourself, enjoy the time. Get there early in the morning before the park opens if possible--leave for a while in the afternoon and go back after chilling out in the room/pool/a show (dark shows in the afternoon-perfect for naps!).

    Rent a stroller in the park-really totally worth it. A change of clothes, usual diaper bag stuff, a couple baggies of snack, a water bottle. Keep it as light as possible.

    I have more Disney than Universal experience but for a long time spent many a weekend (we were Florida residents and season passes meant a trip to Disney was cheaper than taking three toddler/preschoolers to the movie)