Wednesday, February 2, 2011

seriously, it's just a little cold weather

Have you heard, it's cold in Texas. How cold? Cold enough for me to put on a hat just so people would stop commenting about how inappropriately dressed I am.
My plan didn't quite work out though because then people just commented about how I was wearing a 3/4 sleeve tee shirt with a knit hat and where was my jacket for goodness sake!

So to recap, It's cold in Austin right now, around 22 degrees but thanks to wind chill it hovering closer to 10 degrees, I'm not cold and couldn't tell you where to locate one of my coats, and the city is basically shitting itself trying to figure out how to deal with this cold weather stuff. No really, there's been rolling blackouts all day and they were threatening them again tonight but (obviously) I still have power and I'm hoping it stays that way. Then to add salt into Austin's giant gapping wound caused by a fallen icicle, the weatherman mentioned that we could get three inches of snow by Friday. I will believe that when I see it and until then I am going to continue my life as I normally would and not freak the fuck out like some people and buy every gallon of water and loaf of bread at the store.

I'll give Boston and Chicago their freak outs since things like cars and houses are disappearing under snow but Austin needs to fix itself a drink and calm down a little bit. We're just a little cold, let's not shut down completely.

Really the truth is that I'm worried Tru's day care will be closed tomorrow and dear god if someone can't entertain my child for me for a few hours I might cry. Do you really want to make a pregnant woman cry, Austin? Think about it and react properly. Don't be a big mean jackass; keep the day cares open! I believe that's a battle cry many, many people can support.


  1. I can't believe you didn't wear a coat in 20 degree weather. You're INSANE!

    I wouldn't say something to your face, but I'd probably say something behind your back. I'm a good person like that.

  2. I love that my office closed yesterday and the snow on the ground was melted by lunchtime. Too funny. Your nails look awesome in that picture by the way - remind me about our Shellac discussion when you return from the land of sunshine!

  3. I, too, am distracted by shiny things and your nails were the first thing I noticed in that photo. Shallow? Part of One??

    But the nuttiness over the itty-bitty amount of snow we got was a bit ridiculous. The Hubster would me up at 2:45am to look at the snow before it got plowed. Plowed? A hair dryer and a TexMex gas pass could have melted our "snow".